Racaire’s wedding cloak project – patch #3 from Denmark

It’s time again for an awesome patch for my wedding cloak project!

Patch for my wedding cloak project by Else Marie Pederson

I proudly present to you another beautiful patch to you.
This time from Denmark and beautifully embroidered by Else Marie Pederson.
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Craft with Racaire – Needle-roll #1

german-brick-stitch_generalBefore I “restarted” my new blog, I told a friend of mine that I have many possible projects I could start with for my new section “Craft with Racaire”.

I told her that I could start with a German Brick Stitch needle-roll, a Klosterstich needle-book, a 12th century fillet, a Reliquary box with bead embroidery based on a rather rare 13th century Pearl Ciborium or based on a period extant piece, another pull-over dress/underdress with revisiting my last recent pattern, a tight fitted bliaut, a linen veil with a period bird pattern, the “We have Dragons” project, a pouch, a hood with daggings,… – just to name a few possibilities. …and yes, all projects were thought to include more or less embroidery like German Brick Stitch, Klosterstich, Refilsaum,…

I asked her what she would like to see as my first project. She replied, a needle-roll would be good to start with. I admit that this was not really the answer I expected. *lol* But well, I thought, then let’s make a needle roll. I am sure that I and furthermore also you too – with my instructions and help – can do a lovely small needle-roll with German Brick Stitch embroidery rather easily. :D

…and I anyway need an embroidered gift for my “thank you gift package” for my “Patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project” fun project – don’t forget, one lot per patch. Like always, the lucky winner gets all and in this special case Racaire’s “thank you gift package”.

Btw. if you are interested into seeing & learning one of the above mentioned techniques or would like to see one of them as my next “Craft with Racaire” project & tutorial – just let me know. I already have technical fact sheets for Klosterstich & Refilsaum ready. Short note before I return to the topic – I still have all my old postings and photos I shared with you during the last 9 years in my archives – if you want to see a special one of them reblogged or revisited, let me know.

“Craft with Racaire” project .1
Needle-roll #1 with German Brick Stitch #2

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Medieval Embroidery – German Brick Stitch – helpful sources & embroidery for needle-roll #1

German Brick Stitch in progressAs you already might have noticed, I really love medieval embroidery. …and I decided that after all this postings it is finally time for some embroidery done by me.

German Brick Stitch seemed like a good technique to start with. Especially because this stitch looks very pretty on needle-rolls & pouches.

As I already wrote in my posting “Embroidered patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project” I want to put together a small gift package. (look out for the PPS at the bottom of the posting about my wedding dress project)
For this “thank you gift package” I will embroider at least one gift. I consider needle-rolls and needle-books to be perfect gifts for embroiderers and costumers, therefore I decided that my thank you gift package will at least contain a needle-roll or needle-book.
Furthermore I will add one of my fancy embroidery scissors from my private collection and well, maybe something else too. I haven’t decided about the “extra gift” yet, but I will let you know as soon as I know it. This thank you gift package will go to one of the artisans who has send in patches for my wedding dress project before the deadline. And yes, every patch will add a lot to the drawing.

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Wedding cloak project – 2 embroidered patches from Ireland

Patches from Ireland - embroidered by Hilkka Susinen

Two patches from Ireland / Europe.
Embroidered by Hilkka Susinen

It’s time for some awesome embroidered patches!

You remember the fun-project
“Patches for Racaires
12th century wedding
dress project”

I have really great news!
I already got two wonderful embroidered patches for my wedding cloak! :D

By courtesy of Hilkka Susinen I may show you the pictures of the very first 2 embroidered patches. This beautiful patches were sent to me from Ireland – embroidered by my dear friend Hilkka.
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Embroidered patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project

“Patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project”
for my 12th century SCA wedding at Gulf Wars 2015 

Racaire & Conrad

Racaire & Conrad
2012 at the Rose Tourney – Kingdom of Midrealm

When we were planning my wedding dress, my sister Bella had a lovely idea for a great fun project:
“Patches for Racaires 12th century wedding dress project”

This project gives you the possibility to contribute an embroidered patch to my wedding cloak, an important part of my wedding dress ensemble. This way you can become a part of my “wedding dress project” and my wedding, if you like.

Because the temperatures at Gulf Wars during the day are rather high, some of you may wonder why I want to make and wear a wedding cloak at my wedding at Gulf Wars. 1st reason: I am not a fan of generalization but you can say that a well dressed noble 12th century lady is not completely dressed unless she wears a cloak. 2nd reason: I plan to make this cloak a part of our wedding ceremony based on some traditional period wedding traditions from the 12th century. And last but not least – I have to admit that I wanted to make a “period” cloak for my 12th century wardrobe for some years now. My wedding cloak will be a very important part of my wedding garb. You can say that my cloak will make the “12th century picture” complete on “my special day”. :)
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