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…cat is watching…

How do you find out that your cat is watching you?
Well, sometimes it can be very easy,
especially when you get this odd feeling that someone is starring at you… *lol*

Racaire - my cat is watching

*lol* I really can’t work like this!
*lol* Could you? 😉

My cat Cleo can be really cute and funny from time to time. And sometimes she is just amazingly adorable. But I tell you, regardless how cute she was in this moment, it was definitely enervating. I can’t write a posting when she is watching me like this. *lol*

…and well, when she has her cute moments, I always try to take some good photos of her. Here are two more photos of this Cleo “is watching me” moment for you – enjoy! 😀

I ask you, who could continue with ones work while this two green eyes watch everything you do? 😉

Well, Cleo definitely knows how to melt my heart on a small flame… She is just too adorable… Omg… This awesome green eyes… 😀

Best regards Racaire