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Racaire’s move to the USA – a short update :D

Racaire's move to the USA - UpdateToday I have really great news concerning my move to the USA! 😀

My moving boxes from Vienna just arrived at my new home. I have to say that my Austrian moving company did a really awesome job. Great service during the whole procedure, not even one box is missing or damaged, they were directly delivered into the garage, found not even one broken glass or pottery till now and damn, they were unbelievable fast. 😀

After all the bad stories which I heard before I started my move, I was very impressed and happy about the final outcome. Yeah, you know, all the stories of containers falling from ships, boxes missing at the final point of delivery or hurricanes damaging the content of containers,… Well, all this stories really didn’t help to ease my mind when I send my goods on their way from Austria to Kentucky…

But however, nothing happened to my stuff and the journey of my goods found a happy ending by arriving in the garage of my new home. Now I am again reunited with my embroidery threads, frames, pearls, beads, fabrics, scissors,… and BOOKS! *happydance* Did you hear the huge rock hit the ground which just fell off my heart? I am sure you did… 😀

Well, at least I am “basically” reunited – real reunion still requires to find the right boxes and to unpacked them but that’s just a matter of time and patience – really a lot of patience!
I wrapped everything as good as possible. Now I have to unwrap it again and there is a lot of tape involved which I need to cut very carefully to not damage the content inside… Yeah, but you know, better safe then sorry. I really have to remember and repeat that while I am desperately trying to get the wrapping off my stuff. *lol* 😉

Curious about the amount of stuff I moved? Well, underneath you can find some pictures which my sweetheart took, shortly after my boxes arrived. I really couldn’t resist to immediately open two boxes after they boxes arrived. My sweetheart was very amused – I literally bounced through the garage, petted my boxes and had a grin all over my face before I started unpacking… Well, actually not a big deal unless you have a tight schedule for the day like we had… *lol*


I think you can tell from the smile on my face how happy I was to get my stuff back. Even if it means that I have to do a lot of unpacking now. And – *gosch* – I really packed all things very carefully. Well, you know, I just love my stuff too much to risk it. Therefore it nearly takes forever to unwrap one box. *lol* 😀


You might be curious about what I unpacked first – well, I started with my “kitchen & crafting” stuff first. This might look like an odd combination but my little boxes with pearls and beads did fit really well inside my cups and glasses. I also stuffed every jar, cup as well as every other available opening and hole with my cotton and wool/silk threads. It is amazing how great embroidery threads work as padding for glass and pottery. *lol* 😉


Above you can see ALL of my 56 “banana” boxes – 56 boxes with a total weight of 1.1 tons. They are all stuffed as tightly as possible.

Well, I have to admit that I had a short “shocking moment” when the truck from the moving company arrived. “This “small” box inside the truck? That can’t contain all of my stuff!” I told my sweetheart. In this very first moment I was really frightened that they forgot half of my stuff in Vienna. But when they opened it and unloaded all the boxes, I was able to check every single box number off my list. Finally I could tell that all my boxes arrived and I was really very released… *lol*

Somehow I really had the impression that my pile of boxes looked bigger when I sent it on its way to Kentucky. But I am glad that I wasn’t right and that actually all boxes arrived. 😀

I guess you would like to see some photos of the interior of my new home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. But this has to wait until we completed the renovation work inside the house. We have to paint the walls first and then we will rip out the fluffy carpet floor and put in a nice smooth floor in. Well, fluffy carpet floor and a very fluffy cat as well as a dog who both shed hair like crazy – that’s really not a good and easy to clean combination.

However, I have some general impressions of my new home which you might enjoy. I hope this photos give you an idea why I enjoy my new home so much, even if at the moment the living room looks like some of my boxes just exploded. *lol* 😉


First a picture of the view from the living room into the backyard. The name of my “new” cat, which you can see on this photo, is actually “Momma-cat” but I sometimes shorten it to “Fluffy”. She is really unbelievable fluffy!

Btw. I didn’t know that also cats can be cross-eyed until I saw her. And damn, she looks so cute with her cross-eyed look. I really will try to get a good picture of her for you soon. *lol*

Racaire-moved_04…and now another picture of the backyard. I really love the view in this direction – just the soy beans of the adjacent field and some farm houses… Well, there are definitely some great advantages as well as disadvantages concerning living in a rural part of America. I definitely consider this view a great advantage and I just hope the farmer makes enough money with his farm that he will never sell this piece of land… *knock on wood*

After spending nearly a whole life in a huge town like Vienna – with all its noisiness, concrete, cars and people everywhere – I tremendously enjoy this view, my new garden and the “sound of nature”.


Speaking about the garden – I also already started gardening. I always wanted to have a garden and this is my very first try. At the picture above you can see my small cauliflower, lettuce, peas, rosemary and chives plants as well as our latest addition which we added this week – two sage plants. 😀

Yes, it’s a little bit late in the year but we thought it would be good to at least give it a try. There is still a great chance that they will bear fruit before the first frost kicks in. Even if they won’t, it was a great fun to see all the different steps of their evolution, to plant them, to care for them and to see them grow. Really a great new experience for a former city-girl like me.


…and finally a picture showing all the cotton, wool-silk, silk and other threads I already unpacked. You can see that the espresso cups are still filled with the cotton thread with which I stuffed them. And also the three glass jars, which you can see in the back, are still stuffed with even more cotton threads…

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my new home. And now a short break before I post the Klosterstich handout which I promised for today… 😀

Best regards Racaire


  • kayeldee

    You can turn that rosemary into a full shrubbery – I had one in Arizona that was about 4 feet high and 12 feet long. Helps with mosquitos, too!

    Glad you got all of your stuff – I’m sure you bounced around like a madwoman!