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Scriptorium – new AoA blank scrolls for Meridies… :)

You maybe remember my recent posting with the sneak peek at my calligraphy work for the vigil book for a friend. And today I have even more calligraphy for you – I just finished three new AoA blank scrolls for the SCA kingdom of Meridies. 😀

Scriptorium – new AoA blank scrolls for Meridies - calligraphy - Bastarda - Batarde - hand writing

While I was working at my calligraphy for the vigil book, I had so much fun that I decided to practice my Batarde/Bastarda hand a little more. Therefore I started working at an AoA blank scroll. Well, doing calligraphy again after such a long time felt so great that I finally created three new AoA blank scrolls. 🙂

A short information for the non SCA members among you: AoA (Award of Arms) scrolls are handed out by the “King and Queen” during “court” at SCA events to people who worked hard for their “kingdom”/”barony”/”shire” – for their local SCA group. The Award of Arms is one of the basic SCA awards. It allows the person who got rewarded with it to register a personal coat of arms within the SCA and to use the term “Lord”/”Lady” in front of their name. For example – with my AoA I may call myself “Lady Racaire” within the SCA. 🙂

And now a closer look at the three new AoA blank scrolls for you – enjoy! 😀


Above you can see the very first AoA blank scroll which I created after several months…


…and working at the second AoA blank scroll I started feeling much more secure and comfortable. 🙂


I think that the calligraphy on my third AoA blank scroll looks best. There are still several small flaws but it feels like I am getting better. Nevertheless, the big initial at the beginning of every scroll is a very weak spot of mine and I definitely need more practice at this point. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my new AoA blank scrolls. If you would like to try the Bastarda / Batarde hand yourself, you can find my “calligraphy cheating sheets” here: Scriptorium

Best regards Racaire