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Racaire’s move to the USA – my sewing and crafting room progress .2 :D

Racaire's workspace - my sewing and crafting room progressYesterday I took some time to set up my sewing and crafting space in my very first sewing and crafting room. It still lacks some decoration but I think it is a really good start. 😀

Here another look from a different angle at my new workspace:2014-10-07_06_27_24_Racaire

I really love how the late sun light illuminates the room during the evening. It really needs some further decoration for a more friendly and inviting appearance but I am sure I can fix this soon. I already have some nice ideas to achieve this goal. 🙂

Racaire - two more book boxes unpacked

…and I also unpacked two more book boxes. As you can see at the picture above, they are mostly about medieval art, embroidery and crafting. And well, there were also some cooking books which I already put away before I took this photo, I admit it. *lol*

Though there are still eight book boxes left to unpack, I already run out of space and started to arrange them in piles wherever possible. I really would love to sort them after subject groups like costuming, embroidery techniques, textile catalogues, art catalogues,… but I had to accept that due to a lack of shelf space this is not really possible at the moment. Therefore my current plan is to unpack at least two book boxes per day and to move them into my new sewing and crafting room. This way I have at least access to them whenever I need it. Unfortunately I still haven’t found some of the books I need for my next projects – but I keep on looking and unpacking. 🙂

For example – where are my favorite books about Refilsaum / Bayeux Stitch?
I promised to post about the Refilsaum / Bayeux Stitch soon and still haven’t found my most favorite books about it but I keep searching for them. Yes, I know, but it would be just too easy to look at my packing list to find them. Nevertheless the access to the boxes is anyway somehow limited at the moment because our garage is also filled with other stuff. So I decided to get in one box after another and get “surprised” with what I find. Well, I love surprises… *giggle* 😉

You know, this are the things we do for our hobby, aren’t they… 😉

However, I have a sewing and crafting room now! *bounce* Mine! All mine! *morebounce*

Best regards Racaire