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male 13th century tunic for the “12th century wedding clothing project” .4 – sneak peek at the sleeve embroidery :D

2015-01 Racaire 13th century tunic - sleeve embroidery - hand embroidery - 12th century wedding clothingAfter posting the very first sneak peek of the sleeve embroidery for my husbands 13th century tunic, I spent several hours busy working at the embroidery.

I am very glad to say that I already have a new sneak peek picture for you that will give you a much better idea of the sleeve embroidery design I am going for. 🙂

The progress is slow but steady. It took me nearly two days but I was able to accomplish the major design at the very first sleeve.

I still have to fill the roundels but the overall pattern already looks very nice, as my sweetheart assured me. I think he still wonders why I am putting so much work and detail into his under tunic. But on the other side it seems like he really can’t wait to wear his new tunic. *lol*

And now let’s take a look at the new sleeve embroidery progress – enjoy! 😀


Well, I think the picture above gives you a better idea of what I am going for. I think it is really amazing how a simple pattern like this can still make a great impression when you use the right materials like this very lovely gold thread. 🙂 

…and last but not least I also took a picture of the inside for you to give you an impression of how many stitches I made to couch this gold thread down:


If you wonder where the beginning and end of the gold thread is – well, I used the side seam – which you can see on the top – to hide the start and the end of the gold thread inside it. It contains (and protects) about 2cm/1inch of the start and the end of the thread.

Keeping the start and the end of the thread that long assures that the thread is too long to come out of the side seam by itself due to fabric movement while the tunic is in use. And because I started the couching immediately where the gold thread comes out of the side seam to the front of the fabric and even went over it with about 2-3 extra couching stitches to secure it as good as possible, it should be really “husband safe”. 😉

And now I need to go back and continue working at the sleeve embroidery. I hope to be able to show you more progress soon. 😀

Best regards Racaire