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White 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation – working at the embroidery – appliqué work part .2

2015-08 - Racaire - 14th century XL elevation hood - appliqué embroidery - hand embroidery - 14th century hoodUnfortunately a nasty head cold is slowing me down at the moment. But regardless how bad the head cold is making me feel, it couldn’t prevent me from accomplishing some good new progress concerning the appliqué work for the 14th century XL hood for my friends Pelican elevation. 😀

It took again several hours and a countless amount of small stitches but I just managed to apply the last patch to the right side of the hood. Now I can finally focus on the appliqué work for the second side – the left side.

As you can imagine, a good progress is always a great motivator. And the nice look of the appliqué work at the right side of the hood just reassured me that the pattern idea I had on my mind is working out really fine.

The good progress also already motivated me to think one step ahead and to consider all the possibilities concerning the border embellishments for the appliqué work. Fortunately I still have to finish the basic appliqué work of several patches before I have to make a final decision concerning the border embellishment. 😀

But not only that – I also already have a nice idea on my mind of how to prolong the pattern by a little at the top to make the whole pattern more pleasing to the eye. Well, yes, I admit it – some pattern just develop themselves in my mind’s eye while I am working at them… *lol*

Though I can’t show you a picture of my idea before I turn it into actual embroidery, I can present to you the already achieved progress of my recent appliqué work – enjoy the new progress pictures! 😀


As you can see on the picture above, one side of basic appliqué work is already finished and I only have one more side to go! *happydance* 

And here a closer look at the already finished basic appliqué work for you:



Btw. concerning the idea I have to prolong the pattern at the top – I am thinking about adding small diamond shaped patches into the newly created “openings” of the pattern along the top. This small diamond patches would visually prolong the band pattern and add “more body” to it. 

I hope you enjoyed the new progress pictures of my appliqué work for my friends 14th century XL hood. Pictures of new appliqué work progress will follow soon! 😀

Best regards Racaire