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I am back! …and catching-up with photos from MGT / Meridian Grand Tournament & more…

2015-09-26_Racaire_Meridian-Grand-Tournament_1Yes, I am finally back! Not only from the most recent SCA event – the Meridian Grand Tournament / MGT – but also back to normal life. Ok, I admit it, more or less normal due to mundane standards but at least what I would call normal… 😉

The last weeks and especially the last days before the Meridian Grand Tournament were really intense for me. I was absolutely determined to finish my 14th century hood project with the symbols for the honorable Orders of the Chivalry and the Pelican for my dear friends Pelican elevation and therefore spent nearly every waking hour embroidering.

Normally I spend quite some time on the computer and on social media every day – mostly to keep track with what is going on in my friends lives and because I enjoy a good chat from time to time. But not during the last days – I was so focused on my work that I minimized my computer time to my minimum – only interrupted by my dear husband insisting that I should check out what he just posted…

But despite my cute and snuggly kitty cat, which is much too fond of playing with my embroidery threads and hair, and my dear husband, I continued to achieve great progress. Actually I really have to thank my sweetheart for his patience and understanding as he was cooking for me and ignoring the chaos while I was mainly focusing on my project and neglecting everything around me.

And then, after many long days and even more nights filled with mostly embroidery, I was close to finishing the project and damn, it was about time as I had only one day left before  we headed out to the event. After another long day and nightshift of 14hours I was finally able to make the last stitches for my embroidery at about 06:15 AM on Friday morning.

My dear husband was already up again at this point, enjoying his fresh morning coffee. I could tell that he was a little bit worried when he found me still working on the project when he got up but I ensured him that I was already close to finishing it. And as soon as I finished the last stitches my only comment was: “Good morning sweetheart and good night to me – I am going to bed!” *lol*

Yes, there is not much comparable to the feeling of release when you finish a project in time – especially when the finishing is so close to your due date…

And it was totally worth it – my friend, Duke Thomas Blackmoore, loved his new hood, as his lovely lady assured me. He displayed the hood during his vigil on his vigil table and then, on Saturday, it was finally used for his Pelican ceremony:


I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see him with his new hood and that I was able to contribute to his elevation ceremony. 😀

Congratulations to Duke Thomas Blackmoore,
the newest member of the honorable Order of the Pelican!

…and I have even more pictures taken at the Meridian Grand Tournament for you – here are some of my favorite pictures:


On the pictures above and underneath you can see the gracious King and Queen of the Kingdom of Meridies.

2015-09-26_Racaire_Meridian-Grand-Tournament_4And as I was once asked if also the ladies in the SCA participate in Heavy Fighting – here a picture of the ladies who took part in the Meridian Grand Tournament:


…and for all of you who love the 14th century – Sir Lex in his beautiful 14th century armor:


…and my dear husband…


…fighting in his favorite weapon style – the great weapon tournament:


You can find all this photos as well as many other photos at my facebook page here:

SCA – Kingdom of Meridies – Meridian Grand Tournament – 09.2015

Apropos mundane life – my dear husband had recently a very nice treat for me. He took me to the most recent Balloons, Tunes and BBQ here in Bowling Green, where we enjoyed Jericho Woods, The Farm & Joe Nichols in concert.

Though I actually didn’t know any of the involved bands before the concert, I immediately became a fan of The Farm due to their awesome performance on stage. I even had a short “fan moment” after their gig when I had the possibility to get a photo taken with one of the band members:

2015-09_Racaire_the-farm_concertYou can find all of my pictures from this evening here:

Balloons, Tunes & BBQ – Sept. 2015
In concert: Jericho Woods, The Farm & Joe Nichols

And last but not least a last hint concerning more SCA event photos – I took several pictures at the recent Boar Hunt event in Tennessee. Boar Hunt is a small but very nice, relaxed and pleasant event with a great event crew and one of the most amazing feasts I ever had. You can find my pictures of the event here:

SCA – Kingdom of Meridies – Boar Hunt – 09.2015

And now, well, I think I can’t delay it anymore further and finally have to go and catch up with my housework. Event laundry from the Meridian Grant Tournament is waiting for cleaning, the cats and the dogs covered every possible inch of floor with a layer of animal hair and the kitchen as well as the living room is a battle field… *sigh*

…but I promise – as soon as I cleaned up my home and feel comfortable again, I’ll pick up the “project” thread and post the most recent progress photos of my friends 14th century XL hood. Though I might have neglected my computer and facebook recently, I didn’t forget to take several detail pictures of my work and progress while I was working at the hood.

Furthermore I also have some more examples of period Pelicans I would love to share with you and due to a special request by a lovely lady you can also look forward to a detailed review of my “white 12th century silk under tunic with Trapunto sleeves and Trapunto neckline” project as well as a new and step-by-step 12th century under tunic project as I still need to finish my 12th century wedding garb project for Gulf Wars.

…and last but not least I would also like to make some new clothing for my dear husband which is the perfect opportunity to post more details about the 13th century tunic pattern I used for his 12th century inspired blue and golden wedding tunic and his 13th century linen under tunic… and some calligraphy… and I actually could add some embroidery to my new projects… and we need more period furniture for our tent set-up… well, yes, you can see, back to normal… *lol* 😉

It really never takes an end – my project list is anyway endless and just back from Meridian Grand Tournament we are already planning for the next events like Christmas Tournament in Midrealm or next years Gulf Wars – well, we will see what travel expenses our budget actually allows…

Best regards Racaire