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…a short update – preparing for Gulf Wars and a lot of sewing… :)

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentWell, like always I am very busy working at projects but I thought it would be good to post a short update here instead of just leaving a brief comment on my facebook page.

I am sewing like crazy at the moment, as one of my favorite SCA events – Gulf Wars – is coming up soon, to make sure that I have enough to wear for the whole event. And I am very glad to say that I am one step closer to this goal as I already managed to finish one simple new white underdress with trapunto cuffs and neckline.

Not only that, I took several pictures of how I fitted the sleeves for this underdress. Furthermore I also took a lot of pictures of how I did my Trapunto cuffs and neckline because I tried a more simple technique this time.

Nevertheless, the sewing madness for Gulf Wars continues – I just started to cut the fabric for a new purple overdress. Well, I might keep this purple overdress quite simple but my wardrobe is still rather small and therefore I have to speed up my sewing project a little. Well, whom am I kidding – more embroidery could still be added later… 😉

Besides the new underdress I also managed to finish three new scrolls for my new kingdom – the Kingdom of Meridies. But I still have more scroll commissions on my list which need to be taken care of soon.

And besides working at my calligraphy and pen work for the newly finished scrolls, I also took some time to organize more of my treasury photos from Vienna as I need some good pictures of the blue dalmatica neckline for my next posting… I am still thinking about the best way to put together the next posting as I want to describe my thinking process and inspiration concerning the neckline for my husbands new 12th century tunic which is mainly based on the blue dalmatica neckline but I think an idea is already forming… 🙂

Yeah, I am motivated and inspired… Doing some calligraphy and pen work really charges my batteries but unfortunately the day has only 24hours…

I’ll try to post pictures of my new scrolls soon – if you can’t wait and want to see them already, you can find them in my personal facebook photo album:
– Racaire’s Scriptorium II – scrolls for the Kingdom of Meridies

And last but not least, I was asked by some friends to share two of my favorite recipes – if you would like to try them you can find them here on facebook:
Austrian “Buchteln” (jam filled sweet yeast rolls)
– “Stracciatella-Baisers”

…and now back to my sewing – so much to do and just so little time till Gulf Wars… 😀

Best regards Racaire