Crazy nailbinding ideas – a nailbinded cover for my gear shifter… :)

2016-12 - Racaire - Nailbinding - nailbinded cap for gear shifter - car - crazy nailbinding ideasWooohooo! It seems like my level of crazy just hit a new level! Believe it or not – I made a nailbinded cover for the gear shifter of my car! And I love it! *lol*

Why? Well, it seemed so much easier than every other option. …and how come? Well, let’s see…

As some of you might know, I really enjoy living in a quite rural neighborhood here in Kentucky. All the trees, grass and the fresh air make quite a huge difference after living in a big city like Vienna for nearly my whole life…

However, living at the city limits and enjoying nature also comes at a price. Public transportation here in south Kentucky is definitely not what I was used to. And though I was very reluctant at first, I am slowly getting accustomed to driving a car to where ever I need to go – like my most favorite destinations: the local crafting or consignment stores! *grin*

Recently I even started to actually enjoy driving – though I wouldn’t go so far to say that I love it but I can do it without freaking out now. And less panic is definitely better for my husbands as well as my own health. He does not have to accompany me anymore as I deem myself quite capable when it comes to driving now – especially when I am already familiar with the way. However, my sweetheart might still panic from time to time when I make a trip to the local crafting or consignment stores but it’s less about my driving now and more about how much I might find and buy this time… But well, that’s a completely different story… 😉

And now back to why I made a cover for my stick shifter… Decreasing temperatures and driving a five-speed made me realize how cold the surface of my stick shifter can get during the winter time and that I definitely didn’t like my hand touching this very cold and therefore annoying surface. Though the possibility of putting on gloves was one of my first ideas, I just couldn’t get used to the idea of driving with gloves on my hands. Therefore I had to find another solution and it suddenly hit me – I worked on so many nailbinding projects in the past – why not simply nailbind a cover for my stick shifter?

And well, yeah, I did it:

2016-12 - Racaire - Nailbinding - nailbinded cap for gear shifter - car - crazy nailbinding ideas

It took about an afternoon but it was soooooo worth it! It feels warm, it feels good and it makes driving so much more comfortable… But if you had mentioned this idea to me a year ago, I think that I might have just laughed about it…

And I admit it… I already thought about making a nailbinded cover for my steering wheel too but that might really go a little bit too far. I don’t think that I could get a cover to sit firm enough on the steering wheel to feel safe while driving…

Wow! Is it really nearly christmas now? The last weeks were a little turbulent and busy for me but I’ll try my best to catch up with my projects as fast as I can… So much to post about and just so little hours during the day…

Best regards Racaire

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