14th century inspired pattern for Surface Couching .1

2015-05_Racaire_14th-century_surface-couching_1Did you like the final drawing of the “14th century inspired pattern for surface couching” which I showed you yesterday?

If the answer is yes, then I have a very good message for you. I took the time and turned the final drawing of the “14th century inspired pattern for my next surface couching embroidery project“ into a new pattern PDF for you! …and I also already uploaded it to my page! 😀

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FAQ – books on medieval embroidery .1

Racaire - FAQ - books on medieval embroidery .1 - hand embroidery - embroidery books

From time to time friends ask me which books on medieval embroidery I recommend. And normally my reaction is an immediate question in return: “What are you looking for in particular…?” *lol*

Extant medieval embroidery pieces provide us with a great variety of medieval embroidery techniques. And though there are not as many books on medieval embroidery available as I would like, there are still enough different books available. Therefore it’s sometimes rather difficult and time consuming to find the right book if you are looking for something in particular.

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My husbands 13th century under tunic – about my medieval inspiration

2015 - Racaire - my husbands 13th century tunic - 13th century under tunic - 12th century wedding clothingNew inspiration for our hobby can be quite difficult to find but some books really make a difference. Like the one in which I found the inspiration for my husbands new 13th century under tunic.

Since I started with this hobby, which was more then 10 years ago, I have been searching for interesting and inspiring books. But well, with every new book purchase for my book collection I always take a chance.

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Klosterstich hands on tutorial – part 1 – how to start your Klosterstich embroidery :)

Before we get to the next steps of how to sew a perfect fitting medieval 14th century stocking based on my most recent stocking pattern tutorial, I have the very first part of my Klosterstich hands on tutorial about “how to start Klosterstich embroidery” for you.Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery

Already some time ago I promised to put together this Klosterstich hands on tutorial as an addition to my Klosterstich technique handout. It is a summery of my experience based on several Klosterstich classes which I hold throughout the last years.

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My very first fitted medieval stockings sewing pattern – my first women’s hose – revisited, updated & expanded posting

Welcome to my revisited, updated and expanded posting about how I made my very own basic sewing pattern for my beloved medieval stockings. It took me several days to put this posting / tutorial together but when I took a second look at this posting I set higher goals for myself for the final posting. 😀

My very first own fitted medieval stockings sewing pattern - my first women's hose - revisited, updated & expanded postingMy first major goal was to make sure to cover every single step of the fitting process and to add as many useful descriptions and additional information as possible. My second major goal was to make sure that everyone who is following my detailed instructions in this posting is able to make his/her own basic pattern for fitted medieval stockings.

Well, I don’t want to praise myself but I think I can say that I did a really great job and hit my target goals – but please decide yourself. The posting got very long and I hope that everyone of you, who wants to fit their first own 14th century inspired medieval stockings, will find the helpful information in the following posting you are looking for. 🙂

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14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe & decorative chain stitch embroidery – revisited

medieval hand embroidered 14th century hood - daggings , decorative chain stitch embroidery , long liripipeToday I have a very special treat for you:

14th century hood with daggings,
long liripipe & chain stitch embroidery
– revisited. 😀

As you might remember – I just posted about the “Chain Stitch” and its use for decorative hand sewing for my “fast & easy pouch tutorial“:
Chain Stitch – posting I“ & “Chain Stitch – posting II

While I was working at this two “hand sewing” related postings, I already had the feeling that a posting about embroidery next would be a good idea. And what would be more appropriate than a posting about a nice medieval project with Chain Stitch embroidery next? *lol*
Yes, this posting quasi suggested itself… 😀

Created in 2009, this hand sewn & hand embroidered 14th century hood with daggings, long liripipe and decorative chain stitch embroidery is still one of my favorite hood projects. …and I think I can see some similar hoods in the near future… B-)

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Cleo again or another “cat trap” that works… ;)

Cleo again - "the working cat trap" ;)Yesterday I got a great book. Well, no, I got one of the best books about medieval textiles and embroidery ever….

*very very happy dance* 😀

…and it seems that by leaving the paper and the cardboard covering on the couch, I set up another great working “cat trap”. Yeah, not only boxes work…

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Revisited – 12th century nailbinded cap in purple with tassel

Revisited - 12th century nailbinded cap in purple with tassel :DI recently got to know that the purple 12th century nailbinded cap which I made in december 2013 finally arrived safe in the hands of my beautiful sister Bella in the states.

Actually it was meant to be a christmas present. But due to all the mundane stress I had during the turn of the year, I unfortunately forgot to send it till spring. …and then – *panic* – it seemed that the cap got lost in the mail….

Racaire_Nailbinding_12th-century-cap_1I was really frightened that the cap might got lost in the mail until I got the releasing message from my sister. Therefore I decided to celebrate the arrival and to revisit my posting about this project for you.

…and well, this is also a small kick into my own butt to finish my pink 12th century cap which is already waiting for its last finishing work and tassel for some months now… *lol*

…and now to the revisited and updated posting about my first 12th century nailbinding project:

Bellas new 12th century nailbinded cap
in purple with tassel 😀

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Mission “Medieval Berlin” – the forgotten 14th century Queen from France

Racaire in BerlinAs I promised, I already took a first look through my photos from Berlin. At the very first day I visited the “Tiergarten Berlin” (the zoo) and the nearby aquarium.

Knowing that you would prefer to see some of my medieval photos first, I decided to skip this day for now and to start with day 2 and my very first museum visit.

What shall I say – it was truly amazing! I already found some lovely medieval art at the very first museum I visited. I spend some hours looking through the medieval collection and took about 2.300 photos. Well, I admit that this count surprised me but I think it is not unusual for me… *lol*

I decided to start with a very lovely piece of medieval art on display in the very first museum I visited:

The “forgotten 14th century Queen from France”

Racaire_Mission “Medieval Berlin” - the forgotten 14th century Queen from France

Like always I walked through the medieval collection, looking at the museum information, taking photos and suddenly there she was, just looking at me.

A beautiful and delicate face, a severe but loving look – every inch exquisite and gorgeous. She looked truly like a queen and after a short look at the museum information I could say for sure that she was a “Royal Donatrix”. She was indeed a 14th century queen from France.

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Useful Embroidery Books for Beginners

Racaire in front of the Schnütgen Museum in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

Racaire in front of the “Schnütgen Museum” in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

Now I have this lovely and nearly empty “virgin” blog in front of me and the blog postings of more than 8.5 years – about 2.300 postings “behind me”. This count includes many book reviews as you can imagine. I can really draw on plentiful resources and I am willing to do take advantage of it. 😉

During the last 14 years I bought many books about embroidery, historical costuming, medieval art, calligraphy, museum catalogues,… – just to mention a few. And since I started blogging in April 2005, I reviewed several of them.

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