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Following special “Book” pages with reviews and recommendations are already available:

Racaire in front of the Schnütgen Museum in Köln (Cologne)/Germany
Racaire in front of the
“Schnütgen Museum” in Köln (Cologne)/Germany

I heartily welcome you to my new book recommendation pages.

Above you can find a link list of pages which will take you to my already available book reviews and book recommendations. This pages contain short summaries of all book reviews I posted till now. I will constantly add more books, book reviews, book recommendations, links and pages.

Since about the year 2001 I have collected about 400 great books about embroidery, historical costuming, medieval art, medieval dynasties, calligraphy, museum catalogues, art catalogues,… – everything that I considered interesting and useful for my hobbies – embroidery, costuming & calligraphy.

I have to admit that, though I generally love books, I am especially interested into old and/or rather rare books. Sometimes I am able to “hunt down” great books, which includes that I have to order books “blind” from time to time – without knowing if they will be interesting or not – until I can hold them in my hands and can tell if they can be considered “useful and interesting” or not – like: do they contain photos of extant medieval sources for inspiration (of embroidery, tunics, dresses, headwear)? …do they maybe even contain close-up-photos, period paintings and illuminations? I do not consider every book in my books-shelf a treasure but I still love them all and since I started blogging in April 2005, I already reviewed several of them…

From time to time I am asked which books I recommend concerning embroidery, calligraphy,… therefore I thought it might be good to revisit and reblog some of this book reviews, with updated links, more information as well as some of my favorite new books.

…and I also thought about how I could achieve a more clearly arranged overview of my book reviews for my blog readers who are looking for a special book to deepen their knowledge, enlarge their book collection or are just looking for a nice gift – therefore I came up with this book recommendation pages which are accessible from the top menue.

The links above will take you directly to my pages with the book reviews sorted by themes.
In the case you find a book interesting, I added a link where you can find the book online for purchase. I use affiliate programs when linking to books on or – when you order a book using this links, a small percentage of your purchase will be credit to my account and goes directly to my book fund and helps me to make further “blind” book orders of books which look interesting and furthermore also provides new books for future book reviews for you.

Best regards Racaire