Interesting 12th century Museum Catalogues

My collection of interesting 12th century museum catalogues I already blogged about:

“Des Kaisers letzte Kleider”
(The emperors new clothes)

In German – This catalogue is about “Neue Forschungen zu den organischen Funden aus den Herrschergräbern im Dom zu Speyer” (new research concerning the organic finds of the sovereign tombs in the cathedral of Speyer).

It contains interesting pictures and information about textiles from the Romanesque time period – 11th, 12th and 13th century – which were found in the sovereign tombs in the cathedral of Speyer. Furthermore it also contains great in-depth analysis as well as close up pictures of some of the textiles.

My husbands 13th century under tunic is based on a picture of an extant 13th century tunic I found in this book. You can read more about my inspiration for his tunic and the content of this book here:
My husbands 13th century under tunic – about my medieval inspiration

This book is available at: Des Kaisers letzte Kleider Des Kaisers letzte Kleider

Schätze des Glaubens

In German – This catalogue is about the “Schätze des Glaubens” exhibition of the Bode museum in Berlin and shows “Meisterwerke aus dem Dom-Museum Hildesheim und dem Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin” (masterpieces from the cathedral-museum Hildesheim and the applied arts museum Berlin).

This catalogue contains some very good pictures of lovely 12th century items like the 12th century “Fragment of a Wallhanging”. It contains also pictures of items from earlier and later periods. I will try to review this book soon.

This museum catalogue is available at: Schätze des Glaubens Schätze des Glaubens

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