Medieval Embroidery Technique Handouts

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Medieval Embroidery Technique Handouts

Following you will find some medieval embroidery technique handouts created for your personal and noncommercial use. This pattern pages are PDF-files in US letter format. Please feel free to download them and to print them out for your personal embroidery projects. Have fun! 🙂

Klosterstich / cloister stitch:

klosterstich_1_thumbnailHere you can find the download link for my revised “Klosterstich” / “cloister stitch” technique handout:

< Klosterstich technique handout >

And here are some of my recent postings about the Klosterstich technique which you might find helpful:

Klosterstich hands on tutorial .1 – how to start your Klosterstich embroidery
 Klosterstich hands on tutorial .2 – how I do my Klosterstich embroidery

Malterer-tapestry_pic…and here the download link for my documentation concerning my Klosterstich wallhanging project – the “Weiberlisten” (tricks of the ladies) wall hanging:

< “Weiberlisten” wall hanging >

I put this documentation paper together for my very first entry in a SCA Arts & Science challenge – the “Stella Nova” A&S challenge at the “Magna Faire” event in 2015. Enjoy! 🙂

Surface Couching:

Web_Surface-Couching_1_thumbnailHere you can find the download link to my new “Surface Couching” technique handout:

< Surface Couching technique handout >

And here are some of my recent postings about the Surface Couching technique which you might find helpful:

 Surface couching embroidery – how I made the 12th century Agincourt Heart for Bella’s elevation garment
– Surface couching variation – embellishment for the edge of a reliquary lid
This posting shows how I used a basic surface couching variation to create a “gold” embellishment along the edge of a lid for a reliquary box.
Surface couching variation – surface couching embroidery for the white 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation started
A posting about my surface couching work at the white 14th century XL hood for a friend as well as some thoughts about basic surface couching, tension and the usage of two basic threads instead of one…

Enjoy and have fun! 😀

Best regards Racaire

PS.: If you are looking for medieval inspired patterns for Klosterstich or Surface Couching, you can find them here:

< Medieval Inspired Embroidery Patterns >

…and if you are looking for information about other medieval embroidery techniques, you can find it here:

< Medieval Embroidery Techniques >