Medieval Inspired Embroidery Patterns

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Medieval Inspired Embroidery Patterns

Following you will find some medieval inspired embroidery patterns created for your personal and noncommercial use. This pattern pages are PDF-files in US letter format. Please feel free to download them and to print them out for your personal embroidery projects. Have fun! 🙂

German Brick Stitch Patterns:

German Brick Stitch pattern #1 – “Saint Martin”

German Brick Stitch Pattern #1 - v.1

Inspiration: “Heiliger Martin den Mantel teilend”
Time: Middle of 14th century
Location: Germany (?)

My German Brick Stitch pattern #1. Revised and now also available  in a “ring binder friendly” US letter format.
The pattern can be download here:
< G.B.Stitch Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin” v. 1.1 >

If you are looking for my “old” pattern handout for this pattern – you can download it here:
< G.B.Stitch Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin” >

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Klosterstich Patterns:

Klosterstich pattern #1 – “14th century Fleur-de-Lis”

Klosterstich_Pattern_01-thumbnailInspiration: Islamic pottery on display at the “Département des Arts de l’Islam” of the Louvre Museum in France:

Albarello à décor de fleurs de lys.
Première moitié du XIVe siècle, Syrie, Céramique siliceuse, décor peint sous glaçure transparente“

Time: 14th century
Location: Syria (?)

The pattern can be download here:
< Klosterstich Pattern #1 – 14th century Fleur-de-Lis >

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Klosterstich pattern #2 – “14th century Rose”

Klosterstich_pattern_02-thumbnailInspiration: Tristanteppich
Time: 14th century
Location: Germany / Wienhausen

The pattern can be download here:
< Klosterstich Pattern #2 – 14th century Rose >

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…and I also used this pattern for my 14th century reliquary box – you can find more pictures and information about it here:
14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery – now a lid for a reliquary box!

Surface Couching Patterns:

Surface Couching pattern #1 – “14th century Framework”

Surface-Couching_Pattern_01_thumbnailInspiration: “Altardecke, Anfang 14.Jhd.”
 Beginning of 14th century
 Germany / Lüneburg

The pattern can be download here:
< Surface Couching Pattern #1 – 14th century Framework >

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Btw. this pattern can be also used for other embroidery techniques like the Klosterstich technique, Appliqué,…


…and more inspiration…

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