Medieval Inspired Sewing Patterns

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Medieval Inspired Sewing Patterns

Following you will find some medieval inspired sewing patterns created for your personal and noncommercial use. This pattern pages are PDF-files in US letter format. Please feel free to download them and to print them out for your personal sewing projects. Have fun! 🙂

My husbands tunic pattern:

my-husbands-tunic-patternInspiration: “Tunika Philipps von Schwaben”
Time: Late 12th century / early 13th century
Location: Germany

The “Tunika Philipps von Schwaben” is part of the “Domschatz” of the “Historischen Museum der Pfalz”.

My sewing pattern can be download here:
< Tunic Pattern 01 >

If you would like to read more about my inspiration for this tunic pattern, please read my posting: My husbands 13th century under tunic – about my medieval inspiration

Sewing projects completed by now for which I used this sewing pattern:

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