Medieval embroidery techniques

My collection of medieval embroidery stitches and techniques, helpful links, postings and sources,…: 

Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery


Embroidery Basics

foto-collagen-app_16_racaireHelpful links and postings:

Interesting information, helpful links, postings and tutorials you can find on other blogs and websites concerning Medieval embroidery:

  • Historical Needlework Resources
    Especially interesting is the long list of historical needlework examples sorted by location and period – great for period inspiration!
  • Historical Needlework Resources: Stitches, Techniques & Styles
    I know this listing since I started with medieval embroidery. This was and still is the most extensive list of needlework stitches and techniques I found online till now.
  • Tutorial for “Five Period Embroidery Stitches” by Jane Stockton
    From the Kingdom of Lochac. The tutorial provides information about:
    Split Stitch, Stem Stitch, Chain Stitch, Back Stitch and (Surface) Couching
  • Victoria & Albert museum: Introduction to English Embroidery


Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery


Basic Embroidery Stitches


Running Stitch

Other names: Vorstich, Holbein Stich,…
Usage: Sewing, Blackwork, Lagartera…

Helpful postings:


Stem Stitch

Other names: Stielstich
Usage: Bayeux Stitch, “Looks like Chain Stitch” (rather rare surface filling technique),…

Helpful postings:

Helpful & interesting links:

Hand-sewing_Chain-StitchChain Stitch

Other names: Kettenstich
Usage: – in progress –
Variations: Lazy Daisy Stitch,…

Helpful postings:

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Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery


Medieval Embroidery Techniques

Listing of medieval embroidery techniques in alphabetical order:


Helpful postings:

Helpful & interesting links:

  • “Historical Needlework Resources” – Quilting

Assisi Embroidery

(See also Voided Work for more information)
Helpful & interesting links:


Helpful & interesting links:

Helpful books:

More information about this books can be found here: “Useful Basic Embroidery Books“.
One of the major stitches for this technique is the Running Stitch – read more about it in my posting: “…Hand sewing stitches: Running Stitch & more thoughts about hand sewing”

Medieval Embroidery Technique - German Brick Stitch - Racaire - pattern #3

German Brick Stitch

Following you will find a short summery of the helpful links and postings. For in-depth information and patterns please visit my
German Brick Stitch page.

Helpful & interesting links:

Helpful postings:

See also the “Slanted German Brickstitch” section underneath for a less common but period variation on the German Brick Stitch.


Helpful & interesting links:

2016-04-12_Racaire_gold-embroidery_Catelin_laurel-elevation_03Helpful postings:

2016-08 - Racaire - 14th century hood - roses - surface couching - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCA

For more information about goldwork please also visit the following sections about “Opus Anglicanum” and “Surface Couching”.


My hands on Klosterstich tutorial:

Helpful & interesting links

Laid and Couched Work

– Bayeux Stitch

– Islamic laid & couched work:

– Refilsaum

Opus Anglicanum

Helpful & interesting links:

Opus Teutonicum

Helpful & interesting links:

2016-03_Racaire_12th-century-century- century-belt_pearl-embroidery_3_02Pearl Embroidery

Helpful postings:

  • 12th century belt
    – Many progress pictures showing the different steps of my pearl embroidery for my very first 12th century belt as well as some detailed information of how I applied the pearl embroidery to the surface

2015-05_Racaire_14th-century-french-pouch_finished_1.jpg“Slanted German Brick Stitch”

This technique is a less common but period variation of the German Brick Stitch. Several pouches – mostly from France, created during the 14th century – show the skillful execution of this uncommon but beautiful technique.

Helpful postings:

  • 14th century French Pouch
    – Many progress pictures of my slanted german brickstitch embroidery as well as pictures of how I assembled the final pouch
  • 14th century Pouch for the 9th birthday of my blog
    – If you scroll down a little and past the raffle for the 9th birthday of my blog, you’ll find the postings showing the slanted german brickstitch embroidery progress for the small 14th century pouch which I raffled off

Split Stitchmichael-and-the-dragon_52

Helpful postings:

2015-05_Racaire_Bellas-agincourt-heart_embroidery-process_9.jpgSurface Couching

Helpful postings:

Web_Surface-Couching_1_thumbnailHelpful & interesting links:

For more information about Surface Couching please also visit the sections about “Opus Anglicanum” and “Gold Work”.

Voided Work

(See also Assisi Embroidery for more information)
Helpful & interesting links:

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