German Brick Stitch

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Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin”

German Brick Stitch Pattern 1Inspiration: “Heiliger Martin den Mantel teilend”
Time: Middle of 14th century

My “old” pattern handout for my pattern #1.
You can download it here:
< Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin” >

Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin” v. 1.1

German Brick Stitch Pattern #1 - v.1

Inspiration: “Heiliger Martin den Mantel teilend”
Time: Middle of 14th century

At the left side you can see the revised and now “ring binder friendly” format.
The pattern can be download here:
< Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin” v. 1.1 >




Pattern #2 – “Craft with Racaire – Needle Roll #1”

gbs_pattern_02Inspiration: Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin”
Time: Middle of 14th century

This pattern is a simplified version of the pattern above:
Pattern #1 – “Saint Martin”

You can find the chart for this pattern as well as the chart for the border embroidery and other helpful information in my posting:
Craft with Racaire – Needle-roll #1 & German Brick Stitch Pattern #2