Scriptorium – Sir Hrothgar’s knighting scroll – given out at the Meridian Grand Tournament

2014-10 - Racaire - Hrothgars knighting scroll - SCA scroll - Calligraphy

Today I proudly present to you the very first knighting scroll I ever made. The knighting scroll was made for Hrothgar’s knighting and was given to him at the Meridian Grand Tournament event last weekend. :D

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…another sneak peek at my Klosterstich embroidery .1

2014-10 - Racaire - Klosterstich - cloister stitch - medieval rose - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - sneak-peekToday I have another sneak peek at my most recent Klosterstich embroidery for you. :D

After all the Meridian Grand Tournament event photos, the video of Hrothgar’s knighting ceremony and before I post pictures of the Knighting scroll and my two pages for Hrothgar’s vigil book you really deserve some new pictures of my most recent embroidery progress… :D

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My photos – MGT – Meridian Grand Tournament

I think I can say that I was really very “productive” during the most recent SCA event Meridian Grand Tournament this last weekend. The battery packs of my dslr camera were fully charged, I was in a really great mood and enjoyed taking photos a lot. Yes, I think that over 1.300 photos – mostly taken at one day – can be called veryyyyy productive… ;)

Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - SCA - Society for creative Anachronism - photosThe fact that my sweetheart was fighting for me in the tournament might have contributed to my great mood. However, it was a great fun for me to take pictures of my lord who was fighting for me and also to “capture” some of the very special moments around me throughout the event. :D
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The knighting at the Meridian Grand Tournament – my very first video :D

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentI enjoyed the recent weekend at the SCA event Meridian Grand Tournament tremendously but it feels great to be back home again. :D

It took some time – several loads of laundry as well as many things which had to be put back to their “between-event-places” – but finally I feel like I am back home again.

I brought many photos with me from the Meridian Grand Tournament. However, I decided to start my very first posting after this beautiful event with a small surprise and novelty for you – with something I haven’t done before. Yes, I just uploaded my very first short video on youtube! :)

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And this weekend… heading to MGT – Meridian Grand Tournament :)

Racaire - SCA kingdom of Meridies - MGT 2012 - Meridian Grand Tournament 2012And this weekend I am heading to another awesome SCA event held inside the borders of the mighty and beautiful Kingdom of Meridies –  to the “Meridian Grand Tournament“. :)

Everything is packed – the tent, the bed, my painted backgammon board, the scrolls I recently completed and even another new AoA scroll which I completed yesterday, as well as a lot of more or less useful stuff… *lol*

I even packed some books I already wanted to read for a rather long time, which contain some valuable informations for my upcoming wedding clothing project. Well, just in case I find some time for it… ;)

However, I am very looking forward to a great weekend at the Meridian Grand Tournament – filled with fighting, a knighting vigil and knighting ceremony of a friend and more… and to see many good friends I haven’t seen for quite a long time.

My dslr camera is also packed and I made sure that the batteries are charged and full. I will try to take some nice pictures for you throughout the event. :)

I hope to see some of you at the Meridian Grand Tournament and
wish all of you a beautiful weekend! :D

Best regards Racaire

My favorite recipes – Roast Chicken with Grapes

My favorite recipes - Roast Chicken with Grapes

And today a short excursion into the kitchen with one of my favorite roast chicken recipes: “Roast Chicken with Grapes”. Yummy! :D

My blog members expressed some wishes concerning postings and revisited posting from my “old” blog over the last months. This way I already got together a rather long “posting wish list” for the next months. :)

It is great fun to work at postings in which people are really interested and therefore I have tried to work up this list continuously. Already some days ago I started to work up another two open points on my “posting wish list” – a hands-on Klosterstich photo tutorial and a revisited posting about my very first hand sewn stockings / woman’s hose….

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Scriptorium – sneak peek at the knighting scroll for Meridian Grand Tournament

2014 - calligraphy - SCA - knighting scroll*Wooohooo* Right in time I finally completed my calligraphy commission – a knighting scroll for the SCA event “Meridian Grand Tournament”. :D

Yes, I know, I mentioned this knighting scroll commission very often during the last days. But I was also thinking a lot about it – especially about the final scroll design for it…

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Sneak peek at some new Klosterstich embroidery :)

Racaire-medieval-embroidery-projects_2014 - Sneak peek at new Klosterstich embroidery - hand embroidery - medieval embroideryAfter all the recent calligraphy projects, I have again a sneak peek at a new Klosterstich embroidery project for you. :)

I started working at this new project some days ago. It is still not finished yet but I thought you might enjoy to see some embroidery again. :)

I started this new Klosterstich embroidery project in order to put together a detailed Klosterstich hands-on photo tutorial. Therefore I took many close up photos of how I start and do the Klosterstich embroidery while I was working at this new Klosterstich embroidery project.

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