Klosterstich hands on tutorial – part 2 – how I do my Klosterstich embroidery :)

I know, as nice as my 12th century wedding dress project might be, if you are reading my blog there is a good chance that we share the love for “early” medieval embroidery like Klosterstich, Bayeux Stitch,… Therefore I decided to “pick up the thread” of the Klosterstich tutorial again which I recently started and to make up or the recent lack of postings about medieval and medieval inspired embroidery. :D

Racaire - Klosterstich - medieval embroidery

Some of you might remember my posting “Klosterstich hands on tutorial – part 1 – how to start your Klosterstich embroidery“. Since I posted the first part I of this tutorial, I spent so much time thinking about the second part that I actually thought I already posted it. But when I went through my postings, I discovered that the second part of my Klosterstich tutorial was still due. Fortunately this is a mistake which can be easily corrected. *lol*

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12th century dress for the “12th century wedding clothing project” – sneak peek .4 – working at the keyhole neckline

2015-03-12 - Racaire - 12th century dress - keyhole neckline - 12th century wedding clothing project

During the last days my body demanded some rest and pain killers but somehow I still  managed to make a nice progress concerning the keyhole neckline of my 12th century dress. :)

Fortunately the change of seasons doesn’t really affect me unless it is a major weather change. I only have to endure some food allergies, occasionally head aches/migraines and the monthly female burden so many of us have to deal with. And though the pain killers manage to calm down most of my pain and get me through the day, they make me unable to think and focus properly on more then just very basic tasks and projects.

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Springtime in Kentucky

Racaire-2014-first-baseball-game_01During the last days I experienced a beautiful outlook on springtime in Kentucky, which keeps me longing for more. Some great warm days filled with lovely sunshine made me nearly forget the great amount of snow that just melted away.

Though the temperatures dropped again and the forecast for the next days shows a lot of rain moving towards us, I feel somehow released that the winter is finally over and the spring has already begun.

My sweetheart and I used the last days for some garden work – pruned the lilac (German: Flieder) and a tree in the backyard, put up a small bird feeder and started our vegetable and herb garden inside with the help of three small greenhouses. I really can’t wait to get the two small berry bushes into the ground we bought last week but we haven’t decided about their final destination yet.

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12th century dress for the “12th century wedding clothing project” – sneak peek .3 – working at the keyhole neckline

2015-03-12 - Racaire - 12th century dress - keyhole neckline - 12th century wedding clothingAnd even more progress concerning my 12th century dress today! I think I can say that I am a rather busy hand sewing “bee” at the moment. ;)

After I finished my 14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery two days ago, I already started working at my 12th century dress again. And during the last two days I was able to make some great progress which I can show you now. :)

As you know from my latest posting about my 12th century dress project, I finished the main hand sewing of my dress last week. And yesterday I was able to start adding the first embellishment to my dress.

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14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery finished :)

2015-03 - Racaire - 14th century Klosterstich rose embroidery - medieval embroidery

And finally I found the time to finish the 14th century inspired Klosterstich rose embroidery which I started last year.

Yes, I admit it, I neglected this small project a little and worked on several other more urgent projects in the meantime. But after my husbands heart attack last week, I really needed a nice embroidery project to ease my mind.

I think everyone of us has something special that can provide a certain peace of mind. In some cases it is chocolate, some prefer to snack on nuts or have a nice glass of beer or wine, others start cleaning their home,… and well, I prefer to work at my embroidery projects. Well, not that I would reject chocolate or a good glass of wine or beer, but embroidery is definitely my pacifier.

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Bad news concerning my husband and Gulf Wars but also some good news…

2014-07_Barcelona_Racaire-2As we all know, life is not really predictable and can change completely due to what happens in just a short moment. And well, my husbands massive heart attack last week was such a moment.

I can’t express how glad I am that my sweetheart survived his massive heart attack with nearly no damage but I think it will take some time until I processed what happened completely.

However, this moment has several impacts on our immediate as well as our our future plans. For his health and safety we decided to call off our Gulf Wars plans and especially the planned 12th century wedding. Though we both greatly regret that we aren’t able to attend this years Gulf Wars and see our friends and family, we haven’t given up on the 12th century wedding yet. It will just not happen at this Gulf Wars.

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12th century dress for the “12th century wedding clothing project” – sneak peek .2

2015-03 - Racaire - 12th century dress - sneak peek - 12th century wedding dress - hand sewnYesterday, after pinning my long sleeves to my 12th century dress, I really had to be patient. My sweetheart was still at work and the amount of needles I used to pin the sleeves to my 12th century dress was quite intimidating – even for me.

Well, sure, it would have been possible to put on the dress just by myself and I have done it before. But when I looked at all the needles, I decided that it was definitely much easier and much more painless to put on the dress with the help of my husband.

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12th century dress for the “12th century wedding clothing project” – sneak peek .1

2015-03 - Racaire - 12th century wedding dress - wedding - 12th century dress - sewing bottom border.jpgI used the last days very well by doing a lot of hand sewing and am glad to say that I made a great progress concerning my 12th century dress so far.

There is still a lot to do before my 12th century dress is finished but with every day that goes by it seems that I am getting much closer to completing it. This feeling really gives me the power I need to continue after all the hand sewing I have already done till now.

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