Mission “Medieval Berlin” – the forgotten 14th century Queen from France

Racaire in BerlinAs I promised, I already took a first look through my photos from Berlin. At the very first day I visited the “Tiergarten Berlin” (the zoo) and the nearby aquarium.

Knowing that you would prefer to see some of my medieval photos first, I decided to skip this day for now and to start with day 2 and my very first museum visit.

What shall I say – it was truly amazing! I already found some lovely medieval art at the very first museum I visited. I spend some hours looking through the medieval collection and took about 2.300 photos. Well, I admit that this count surprised me but I think it is not unusual for me… *lol*

I decided to start with a very lovely piece of medieval art on display in the very first museum I visited:

The “forgotten 14th century Queen from France”

Racaire_Mission “Medieval Berlin” - the forgotten 14th century Queen from France

Like always I walked through the medieval collection, looking at the museum information, taking photos and suddenly there she was, just looking at me.

A beautiful and delicate face, a severe but loving look – every inch exquisite and gorgeous. She looked truly like a queen and after a short look at the museum information I could say for sure that she was a “Royal Donatrix”. She was indeed a 14th century queen from France.

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Mission “Medieval Berlin” accomplished :D


I am back again! …and I am very happy to say that I accomplished my “Mission Medieval Berlin”! *happydance* :D

I had a rather long “wish-list” of museums which I wanted to visit. Therefore my time schedule for Berlin was very tight.
4 very long days filled with a lot of walking and yes, my feet still hurt! But there is just one word to describe my trip: Awesome!

I was very busy in Berlin. I visited 7 museums and the zoo & aquarium. I also saw “Checkpoint Charlie”, the “Brandenburger Tor”,… just to name a few places. I even found time to meet two friends who live in Berlin. We spend a wonderful time together.

My mission “Medieval Berlin” was a full success. I took about 6.000 photos in this 4 days!
Most of this photos were taken at the local museums and many of them are of extant medieval pieces on display! I am especially excited about the photos I took of the extant pieces of lovely medieval embroidery… :D

…and I even took some nice photos of Berlin too. It will take some time to go through all this photos. I am very looking forward to showing you some of the highlights and to tell you more about the interesting museum catalogues I found.

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Mission “Medieval Berlin”


I am so excited! I am going on a trip to Berlin!

My motto for this trip will be: Mission “Medieval Berlin”!

*gosch* 4 days filled with sightseeing, the zoo, “Checkpoint Charlie”,… - well, you know, all the “modern stuff” one can’t avoid when visiting Berlin. …and definitely as many museums and “ancient and medieval stuff” as possible! ;) 

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Best regards Racaire

Commission – 14th century French Pouch .1 – sneak peek progress .17 – First embroidered section finished :)

Racaire 2013

I just finished one 14th century French pouch for the recent birthday raffle of my blog and still have my 14th century French pouch commission waiting for some final embroidery and sewing….

Woooohoooo! Endspurt! …this final embroidery work is getting more and more finished. I am very happy to tell that I just finished the first section of the embroidery for the 14th century French pouch commission. :D

…and again I have new photos of the recent progress for you. Enjoy! :D 

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Craft with Racaire – Project #2 – Step 1.2 – Hand sewing stitches: Back Stitch & its connection to Stem Stitch

Craft with Racaire – Project #2 – Step 1.2 – Hand sewing stitches: Back Stitch & its connection to Stem Stitch

I hope you enjoyed the progress pictures of my short side-project: “embroidered 14th century pouch for the 9th birthday of my blog” and the birthday raffle.
…but now it is time to get back to the second “Craft with Racaire” project – the fast and easy pouch tutorial.

Some time already passed by since the first two postings for this project therefore here a short summery for you:

1) “…fast and easy pouch tutorial (handsewn) & how to work with “rapports”
In this first posting of the pouch tutorial you will find useful information about the materials you will need for this project. It also explains how you can calculate the needed fabric yourself or you can also use the measurements I provide. As a little bonus for you, I also added some extra information of “how to work with “rapports”” (repeating fabric patterns).

2) “…Hand sewing stitches: Running Stitch & more thoughts about hand sewing
In this second posting of the pouch tutorial you will find an in-depth description of the first and most basic hand-sewing stitch you will need for this technique – the Running Stitch. Furthermore you will also find some additional hints how you can use this stitch for sewing or fitting and how you can speed up your sewing when you are using it. One of my favorite sections of this posting is the part about the Running Stitch and its possibilities of usage in medieval embroidery.

I am still amazed how much information I could put together for you for the posting about the Running Stitch. I think the following text about the Back stitch is at least as long as the one about the Running Stitch. It is about the Back Stitch and its connection to Stem Stitch and its usage in medieval embroidery… but we will come to all this soon.

Btw. I just added the new page “Medieval hand-sewing techniques” underneath the “Medieval embroidery techniques“. You can find both pages underneath the menu option “Premium“. When you place your curser on the word Premium the drop down menu containing both pages should appear. On this pages I put together all useful information about medieval embroidery and hand-sewing I posted till now for a faster overview and an easier access for you. I will do my best to update this page whenever I post something about medieval embroidery or hand-sewing techniques.

…and now back again to the topic:

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