My new grey/black 12th century dress is finally finished! :D

2016-08 - Racaire - Meridian color- my new grey / black 12th century dress - SCA - hand sewing - Kingdom of MeridiesAnd surprise, surprise – I just managed to finish another 12th century dress! ūüôā

Well, I admit it, I didn’t post much about my new 12th century dress project till now – only¬†one short posting and that was all. But well, it was also just one of my “small”¬†side projects which I took up or abandoned whenever I felt like it. “Just” some hand sewing in order to relax and to keep my hands busy…

I think it’s quite important to have small side projects like this. Projects which¬†have no time frame or real importance and might not even work out.¬†But projects like these¬†can help to take one’s mind off things or provide some ease to eyes which just can’t make out¬†any difference between the gold thread and the silk thread you are working with…
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Meridian Grand Tournament – fighting, banners and more photos…

2016-09 - Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Conrad vom Schwarzwald and Sir LexWhile writing yesterdays posting about the Meridian Grand Tournament I got so excited that I completely forgot about the other photos and links I wanted to share with you. But postponed is not abandoned! This minor mistake can be easily corrected by writing just another posting with the Meridian Grand Tournament as its main topic.

…and after this posting¬†we can finally return to my (more or less) regular program of “embroidery, needlework and sewing”.
Ok, there might be also some more calligraphy too if the right mood strikes me and¬†I decide to get my nibs and ink out. Well, who knows what the future brings… ūüėČ
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Meridian Grand Tournament – the Order of the Velvet Owl and other great things…

Seeing my scroll for the Armatura tournament go to a worthy and excited recipient was not my only highlight at the Meridian Grand Tournament this very last weekend. So many awesome and memorable things happened throughout the whole day. And being admitted into the Order of the Velvet Owl of my beloved home, the Kingdom of Meridies, was definitely the most amazing surprise for me on this day.

Here a beautiful shot of this very special moment which I got to share with three other friends who were also admitted to the Order of the Velvet Owl:

2016-09 - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Racaire - OVO - Order of the Velvet Owl - SCA - OVO award - SCA court

The picture above was taken by Becky Cullen.
Becky, thank you very much for this lovely memory!

…and if you would like to also take a look at the other pictures¬†Becky Cullen took at the Meridian Grand Tournament, they can be found here on facebook: Meridian Grand Tournament 2016

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Scriptorium ‚Äď Meridian Grand Tournament – a scroll for the winner of the Armatura

2016-09 - Racaire - MGT - Meridian Grand Tournament - Legio Ursi - Legion of the Bears - Armatura tournament - scrollLast but not least I have the pleasure to present to you my scroll for the winner of the Armatura tournament!

Wow! The last weekend was truly amazing!
My husband and I travelled to Tennessee – to the Meridian Grand Tournament – and brought a rather¬†special package to the event. It was¬†a¬†scroll for the winner of the Armatura tournament sponsored by the “Order of the Legio Ursi” / “Legion of the Bear”.

But first things first… As some of you might already know, is my husband a proud member of the¬†“Legion of the Bear”,¬†as well as some other dear friends of mine. Therefore I was really¬†excited¬†when I got the commission to create¬†the scroll for the Armatura tournament sponsored by the¬†“Legio Ursi”.
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Scriptorium – Kail’s viking knighting scroll – definitely not your normal knighting scroll…

2016-09 - Racaire - Kail's viking knighting scroll - SCA knighting scroll - runes - ravens - vikingI already mentioned in my previous postings that I was working on a very special scroll and here it is:

The viking knighting scroll for
Ka√įall Vi√įarsson.

…and yes, before you ask, it is indeed a painted woodcut.¬†Though the term “scroll” might actually not really apply here,¬†it served all purposes of a scroll at a recent¬†SCA event. Therefore I am quite inclined to keep on using¬†the term “scroll”.

But actually the name of¬†this finished project doesn’t really matter. The recipient, Kail, who got surprised with this scroll at his vigil, told me that he really loves his viking knighting scroll. And this makes me very happy as I am quite¬†proud of the end result myself. However,¬†I still find it hard to believe¬†that¬†I managed to accomplish¬†this very special task so successfully.

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Scriptorium ‚Äď new scroll blanks for the Kingdom of Meridies :)

2016-09 - Racaire - misc calligraphy - scrolls - SCA - Batarde hand - Bastarda - SCA blank scrolls - Kingdom of MeridiesWell, this was definitely a first for me. Never before did I go¬†home after an¬†SCA event with more scroll blanks than I had before…¬†*lol*

But first things first. Mistress Mara Palmer, who is doing an awesome job¬†coordinating the scrolls supplied by the local scribes with the scroll demand¬†of the current Royal Majesties, had several¬†blanks with lovely artwork in her case. But they all had one thing in common – they were in need of some calligraphy…

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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .1 – the preparatory work

2016-08 - Racaire - 14th century hood - rose - roses - surface couching - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - rose embroidery - SCAAnd finally a posting about what might interest you the most:
A step-by-step tutorial of how I created the rose embroidery for my friends 14th century hood.

Though the rose embroidery for my friends 14th century hood might appear quite simple at first sight, it is definitely much more complex than it looks like. Well, there is quite some work involved to make it appear so simple, proper and effortless.

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14th century hood for a friend ‚Äď 4th rose finished & already working at the 5th rose! :)

2016-08 - Racaire - 14th century hood - rose - roses - surface couching - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCAWoohooo! I just managed to finish another embroidered rose for my friends 14th century hood project.

It took nearly¬†a week and many¬†tiny stitches but I made some really good progress¬†during the last days. Ok, I admit it, I made most progress during my usual embroidery time at night. But well, I am – and always was – a night owl when it comes to working on my projects… *giggle*

However, I guess that no one¬†is more surprised about this great progress in such a rather short time than I am. Why? Well,¬†my husband brought some organic pears home which a very nice coworker gave¬†him. And¬†I spent about two whole nights with turning about 15kg (ca. 33 pounds) of pears into preserves – mostly pear butter. Yeah, my sweetheart loves pear butter and asked me to make some for him…

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14th century hood for a friend – 3rd rose finished & already working at the 4th rose! :)

2016-07 - Racaire - 14th century hood - roses - rose - surface couching hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCAI know, it’s about time for another update concerning the 14th century hood project with rose embroidery for my friend Elisenda.

Well, what a great coincidence as I just managed to finish the third rose for her hood! …and not only that, I already started working on the fourth rose! ūüėÄ

Despite the small set-back due to the work on my arming coat and a knighting scroll for a friend, I never ceased to dedicate every spare minute to the embroidery for my friends 14th century hood project.

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SCA Heavy Fighting ‚Äď show your legs! …or a look at my padded leg armor :D

2016-07 - Racaire - my first padded leg armor - SCA heavy fighting - female armor - armor for womenNow that the padded arming coat is finally finished, I also get to show you the¬†padded leg armor which I made some time ago.¬†ūüôā

Well, having a nice arming coat is just half the rent if you want to participate in SCA Heavy Fighting. As many of the shots go to the legs, it is a good idea to also put some thought and work into well fitting leg armor. And if you bruise as easily as I do, you indeed want some nicely padded leg armor.

I already started working at this padded leg armor in March. It was kinda a last minute project as I wanted to bring at least one piece of armor to the Women’s fighter symposium at Gulf Wars¬†which was my own.

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