…another sneak peek at my Klosterstich embroidery .3

2014-10 - Racaire - Klosterstich - cloister stitch - medieval rose - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - sneak-peekAnd during the last days I have not only created some wire jewelry, I was also working at my new Klosterstich embroidery, which I recently started.

After all the pictures of wire, beads and several “trees of life“, I thought you might enjoy to see some embroidery pictures again. Therefore I have a new sneak peek picture of the most recent progress of my medieval rose worked in the Klosterstich embroidery technique for you. :)

And because I know that some of you find it helpful to see a close up photo of the surface of my embroidery as well as a photo of its backside, I also took several detail photos for you…

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…and more “trees of life” and some wire jewelry… :)

I have some additions on my mind for the 14th century inspired fitted medieval stockings tutorial which I posted yesterday but first I would like to catch up some of the small projects I was working on recently. My sister Noel did an awesome job concerning raising my interest for wire jewelry and “trees of life”. And once I made my very first two “trees of life“, I just couldn’t stop anymore…

Racaire 2014 - trees of life - christmas trees - wire jewelry

As you can see on the picture above, I made two little “christmas trees of life” next. ;)

I just wanted to know if I am also capable of making something else besides normal “trees of life” and hearts…. and well, christmas is really fast approaching. *lol* I think they don’t look bad for someone who has nearly no practice in creating things like this. *giggle*

…and I also made another “tree of love”, as I call them – I just couldn’t resist. :)

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My very first “tree of life” and a “tree of love”… ;)

Learning new things is really a lot of fun, especially when you are in good company!
And last weekend I not only had the pleasure of my sister Noel visiting me, we also had a great time while she was showing me how to make a “tree of life”. Taking a look at my very first “tree of life”, you can see that she was very successful in teaching me how to make them. :D

Racaire - my very first tree of lifeAt the picture above you can see Noel’s tree of life on the left and my very first own tree of life on the right. I really love how my finished tree looks like – I am definitely going to keep and to wear it! :D

…and because we were in a good mood and still had some time left, I made even another tree of life:
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My very first fitted medieval stockings sewing pattern – my first women’s hose – revisited, updated & expanded posting

Welcome to my revisited, updated and expanded posting about how I made my very own basic sewing pattern for my beloved medieval stockings. It took me several days to put this posting / tutorial together but when I took a second look at this posting I set higher goals for myself for the final posting. :D

My very first own fitted medieval stockings sewing pattern - my first women's hose - revisited, updated & expanded postingMy first major goal was to make sure to cover every single step of the fitting process and to add as many useful descriptions and additional information as possible. My second major goal was to make sure that everyone who is following my detailed instructions in this posting is able to make his/her own basic pattern for fitted medieval stockings.

Well, I don’t want to praise myself but I think I can say that I did a really great job and hit my target goals – but please decide yourself. The posting got very long and I hope that everyone of you, who wants to fit their first own 14th century inspired medieval stockings, will find the helpful information in the following posting you are looking for. :)

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Needle made lace rings – my small flower garden is growing :D

As you can see on the picture underneath, I made even more needle made lace rings. :D

Needle made lace rings - my small flower garden is growing

Once I found out that I also can work at them in the car while my sweetheart is driving without feeling sick, I somehow can’t stop and create more and more of this cute small needle made lace flowers. They are so easy and also so fun to make – I really enjoy working at them and see them growing. :D

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Needle made lace rings – a new try after years – and what it has to do with the 13th century :D

I really wasn’t sure if I am still able to create needle made lace rings after so many years. But during the last days I gave it a try and am very happy to report that I can still make them. My fingers are a little bit “rust in” when it comes to needle made lace, but I am happy that the knowledge is still there. And it is a great fun to create this rings… :D

2014-10 - Racaire - needle made lace ring - needle lace ring - cotton thread

I haven’t thought about needle made lace for a long time now. This changed completely when my sister Noel visited me recently and we started talking about possible future projects. She saw the needle made lace ring I made years ago and asked me: “Can you still do them?”….

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My 12th century embroidery for my sister Bella – an agincourt heart for her elevation garment

Two days ago I already posted a sneak peek at the 12th century embroidery progress for Bella’s elevation garment. And today I have a picture of the finished 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for you. :D

My 12th century embroidery for Bella - an agincourt heart for her elevation garment

I am very happy that my sister Bella will be introduced to the SCA Order of the Laurel soon. Though I can’t attend the event where this will take place, sending her an 12th century embroidery – an agincourt heart – makes me feel like at least a part of me will be with her at this very special day…

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Sneak peek at my 12th century agincourt heart embroidery progress for Bella

Sneak peek at my 12th century agincourt heart embroidery progress for Bella - Racaire - medieval embroidery - projects 2014 - hand embroidery*omg* I can’t believe that I nearly missed it! But now I am busy working at my 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for my sister Bella. :)

I anyway needed a short embroidery break after yesterday, spending most of my day behind the computer working at my next posting… A one day deadline is not much but I am sure I can make a beautiful 12th century agincourt heart embroidery for my sister. :D

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