SCA Heavy Fighting – some embroidery for my arming coat / gambeson :)

2016-07 - Racaire - arming coat - embroidery - SCA - chain stitch embellishment - hand embroideryAfter adding all the eyelets and buttonholes, I took a look at my finished arming coat. Well, what shall I say – it looked nice but also very plain and boring! And I definitely don’t like to look plain or boring in my new arming coat!

Therefore I decided to extend my work at the arming coat project by adding some nice embellishment. And the easiest way for me to add some “bling” is to add some embroidery! Well, why not, some embroidery will definitely not hurt my arming coat… 😉

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SCA Heavy Fighting – working at my arming coat / gambeson :)

2016-07 - Racaire - SCA - heavy fighting - arming coat - gambeson - sewing - garb - battle - female fighting - female SCA fightersAnd before someone else drops the question again about the progress of my armor for SCA heavy fighting and why I am still not in armor… Guys, it’s not finished yet! …I am still working at my arming coat! Really! I swear! *lol*

Well, I hate to admit it but this is not my first arming coat project. Though I’ve never finished my very first attempt of an arming coat, I am quite positive that this new project will be quite different. And I am working hard to make it a success so I can finally mark the arming coat project off my list.

Yeah, it’s true, I started an arming coat project already many years ago. But despite all the work I put into my very first attempt, I actually never got past the initial work of building a padded body form. Well, I guess that you know this kind of project – the more work you put into it, the more disappointed you get with the result. After some time I decided to call it quits and started working at some other projects which promised much better and more satisfying results…
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Scriptorium – another Grant of Arms… :)

2016-05 - Racaire - SCA - scriptorium - Grant of Arms - calligraphy - SCA scroll - pergamenataWooohoooo! Another one of my SCA scrolls – a “Grant of Arms” – was recently given out in court!

…and I would love to send out a hearty congratulation to its recipient: Engelbrecht Wandelber! It was a true honor for me to create your scroll! 😀

Well, as you might already know, I normally create a lot of SCA scroll blanks in order to practice my Batarde hand as well as for my own, personal pleasure. But from time to time I also get a scroll commission for a personalized scroll. I really love this scroll commissions as creating a very special scroll for a very special person is always a great fun for me.

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First sneak peek at a new embroidery project – a 14th century hood for a friend or roses, roses, roses,… :)

2016-07 - Racaire - 14th century hood - roses - surface couching - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCAAnd todays posting is all about roses! …or to be more specific: embroidered roses! Well, you know me, I love me some good rose embroidery from time to time… 😉

After all my sewing related postings concerning my husbands new tunic, the time has finally come to show you some of my hand embroidery again!

And as it happens, I just quite recently started a new embroidery project. Not only that, I already worked several hours on this project and therefore already have a nice sneak peek for you of:

…a 14th century hood with roses (and maybe one or two pelicans)
for my dear friend Elisenda de Luna! 😀

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12th century tunic for my husband – how I made the counterpart for the 12th century neckline fastening and some other details…

2015-12-Racaire-Conrads-12th-century-tunic-grey-light-wool-tunicTodays posting about “how I made the counterpart for the 12th century neckline fastening and some other details…” brings us finally to the last progress pictures of the 12th century grey light-wool tunic project for my husband.

Though I already showed you my period inspiration for this quite special 12th century neckline shape and how my take on this special neckline form based on the 12th century neckline inspiration looks like, it seems like I neglected a quite important detail till now: the period inspired fastening and its counterpart…

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Reinforcement of neckline stress points – my husbands yellow & blue 12th century silk tunic with keyhole neckline

2015-02_Racaire_12th-century-male-overtunicIt is finally happening – this is my last posting concerning the “reinforcement of neckline stress points“. 🙂

In my most recent postings I introduced you to an old hand sewing technique which helps to provide “reinforcement for neckline stress points”. I also already posted about how I used a simple variation of this old hand sewing technique for the quite special 12th century inspired neckline for my husbands new grey tunic as well as for the slit neckline of my red 12th century silk dress

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Reinforcement of neckline stress points – my red 12th century silk dress with slit neckline

Racaire Meridian Grand Tournament - red 12th century silk dress - slit neckline and side lacing - neckline stress point reinforcementWell, it seems like I am finally getting to the second to last posting about my current topic “reinforcement of neckline stress points”.

Let me recap my postings about this topic till now:
In my last posting I showed you an old hand sewing technique which provides great reinforcement for neckline stress points. And in the posting before the last one I posted pictures of how I used a variation of this technique for my husbands most recent tunic.

But let’s not stop at this point as I also used this technique for some other necklines…

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Reinforcement of neckline stress points – an old hand sewing technique revived

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentIn my last posting I showed you how I strengthened and secured the stress points of the neckline of my husbands new grey tunic. But before anyone starts to call this “Racaire’s neckline reinforcement technique”, I would like to point out that I simply found and revived an old hand sewing technique. I did not invent this technique myself – I simply found it in a very old book I own. 🙂

Well, I admit it, whenever I face a sewing or embroidery related problem, I tend to turn to my quite extensive book collection and take a look through my beloved books. In many cases one of my books offers a very good solution for my problem.

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12th century tunic for my husband – how to secure & strengthen the stress points of a 12th century neckline

My husbands christmas gift - a grey light-wool 12th century tunic – neckline stress pointsIn my last posting  “12th century tunic for my husband – spotting the stress points of a 12th century neckline” I showed you how to find and identify the most vulnerable points of your neckline – or “stress points”, how I tend to call them.

Most of the basic 12th century neckline styles – like a simple round or keyhole neckline – don’t really require any extra strengthening. Due to their lack of real stress points (round neckline) or because their only stress points get exposed to a little bit of extra tension from time to time (keyhole neckline), it is not really necessary to take extra action…

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SCA Heavy Fighting – a painted shield for my husband :)

2016-06 - Racaire - heavy fighting - painted shield for my husband - SCA heavy fightingBefore I post more about how to deal with the stress points of 12th century necklines, I would like to show you a “small” side-project for my husband at which I was working during the last days:

A painted shield for my husband!
The very first shield I ever painted! 😀

Well, my sweetheart might not excel in what we call the “Arts and Sciences” in the SCA but he has one great passion – Armored Combat aka “Heavy Fighting”. And that is perfectly fine for us as I am in charge of the “Arts and Science” and he for the armor and the fighting… *giggle*

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