My photos – Midrealm Christmas Tournament :)

I know, I’ve been rather silent recently but unfortunately a mean head cold was holding my brain captive during the last days. But finally I am feeling much better and find myself in a condition that I can think clearly enough to start posting again. :)

My photos - SCA - Midrealm Christmas TournamentRecently many interesting things have happened in my life and I am determined to do my best to post about all of them.

I visited a nice Christmas Tournament in the mighty SCA Kingdom of Midrealm, started working at my very first male 13th century tunic for my sweetheart as well as a secret nailbinding project (aka christmas present) for a friend…. But let’s start with the pictures from the Christmas Tournament in the beautiful Kingdom of Midrealm. :)

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Posting #200 since I restarted my blog… Some thoughts about the past, the presence and future…

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentWhen I recently took a look at the stats of my blog, I nearly couldn’t believe it. I was just some postings away from another lovely round number of postings. And with today’s posting I finally get to complete my round number. Can you believe it?  With this posting I posted 200 postings since I “restarted” my blog at Valentine’s day this year.

Well, blogging for already more than 10 years and after far more than 200 postings, it shouldn’t have been difficult for me to write another one. But somehow this round number caused me to take a short break and to examine the past, the presence and the future.

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…another sneak peek at my Klosterstich embroidery .5

2014-10 - Racaire - Klosterstich - cloister stitch - medieval rose - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - sneak-peekAgain I have a new sneak peek picture of the most recent progress of my medieval rose worked in the Klosterstich embroidery technique for you. :)

It was not an easy process but I finally decided on a color for the border surrounding my medieval rose and started working at it.

After several additional hours of Klosterstich embroidery during the last days, this section is also finished now. It is really great to see that all sections are now filled with Klosterstich embroidery. :D

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My favorite recipes – German Hefezopf :)

Zopfbrot - Deutscher Hefezopf - German Hefezopf Rezept - recipe - baking-  fresh out of the ovenAs some of you might already know, I not only love to work at embroidery or calligraphy, I also enjoy cooking tremendously. It pleases me to try out new delicious recipes like this German Hefezopf recipe. :D

Though my blog has never been a food blog, I already posted several of my favorite cooking recipes during the last years. As people continue to ask me about my recipes whenever I post pictures of my freshly cooked food on facebook, you might see more postings about my favorite recipes in the future… :)

And well, I recently posted some pictures of a German Hefezopf, my latest “cooking project”, on my facebook page. I was very astonished by the attention the pictures raised and how many asked for the Hefezopf recipe which I used. The bread was indeed very yummy and I guess that the pictures look mouth-watering. Therefore I promised to translate the Hefezopf recipe as soon as possible and to share it with you. And here we are, I proudly present the translated Hefezopf recipe to you. I hope that you will enjoy your Hefezopf as much as I did.

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My very first fitted medieval stockings – my first women’s hose – more pictures :D

Racaire medieval stockings - 14th century stockings - woman's hose - tight fitted hand-sewn medieval stockings

Tight fitted medieval stockings are really a great thing. They are not only awesome to wear but they also look great. And well, I am still not done with posting about them… ;)

Some of you might be aware of the fact that our female ancestors not only fought for the right to vote but also fought very hard and over several centuries for the right to wear trousers or short skirts as well as other things which are clothing related. Therefore we are now able to chose freely what we want to wear at a daily basis.

Yes, we are living nowadays in a time when nearly every woman has the right to “expose” her legs as much as she likes without any further thinking. But our relation to female legs was not always like that… :)

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Racaire’s wedding cloak project – an embroidered patch from the SCA Shire of Phoenix Glade in Meridies :D

And again I have a picture of another beautiful embroidered patch for my 12th century wedding cloak project which I can share with you! :D

Racaire - 2014 - 12th century wedding cloak - embroidered patch - Racaire featuring Siobhan Love's embroidery

Today I present to you a beautiful hand embroidered patch for my 12th century wedding cloak project by courtesy of lady Siobhan Love.

This patch was hand embroidered by lady Siobhan Love and forwarded to me from the sunny SCA Shire of Phoenix Glade situated in the mighty SCA Kingdom of Meridies. :)

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And more nailbinding – a nailbinded headband with embroidery

… and even more nailbinding for you today – a nailbinded and embroidered headband! :D

2014 - Racaire - And more nailbinding - a nailbinded headband with embroidery

Before I started working at the nailbinded cap, about which I posted yesterday, I finished this nailbinded headband with embroidery which you can see at the picture above.
A headband like this is a great finger exercise. :)

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