The patches I recieved are gorgeous, the service is amazing. Anna really goes above & beyond to make her customers feel happy & special.

    Sandra Barber Avatar Sandra Barber

    Fantastic, beautiful work. I have a stamped scarf that always gets compliments. And I also just had a small commission completed. Great work with a reasonable turnaround time. I look forward to doing business in the future.

    Sly Symmank Avatar Sly Symmank

    I’ve admired Racaire’s work for months and recently had a chance to purchase one of her scarves. So delighted with my purchase! The phoenix print on the scarf is so crisp and such a lovely, unique design. The fabric is soft and just the right color to complement the design. Shipping was swift, communication was excellent, and I just really enjoy wearing something that has so much creativity poured into it. I look forward to shopping from Racaire’s Workshop again!

    Heather B. Monson Avatar Heather B. Monson

    I've been following the shop for a while, trying to decide what I would have commissioned. Instead I fell in love with and impulse-bought a gorgeous dragonfly scarf that will be perfect for one of my Ren Faire costumes. It arrived quickly and lovingly packaged, and it's even better than I could imagine! You can tell it was made with love and with soul. I'm already excited about my next purchase and I don't even know what it is yet!

    Merideth Plimley-Wiegand Avatar Merideth Plimley-Wiegand

    Racaire’s work is AMAZING!!!!! Professional, courteous, artistic, high quality - all the things. Every time I wear one of her pieces I get tons of compliments.

    Aria DeChatillon Avatar Aria DeChatillon

    I ordered a custom nail bound hat in my groups colors. It came quicker than expected and was amazing quality. Now I look like a fancy viking merchant! would definitely buy from again!

    Nicholas Adrius Avatar Nicholas Adrius

    I purchased a printed scarf, and Racaire was able to help me with international shipping (via messenger). The item arrived quickly, exactly as promised, and beautifully wrapped. And as a bonus, Racaire is a lovely person. I recommend Racaire and hope to make future purchases soon!

    Heidi Zurbrugg Avatar Heidi Zurbrugg

    I just bought a lovely warm printed scarf to give as a gift - now I want one for myself! Beautifully made and perfectly packaged.

    Marie la Fauconniere Avatar Marie la Fauconniere

    Racaire made me an absolutely gorgeous custom scarf based on my heraldry!! I got updates throughout the whole process and it was completed and shipped super fast too ❤️❤️❤️

    Mem Lily Barnett Avatar Mem Lily Barnett

    An all around wonderful experience! I ordered a custom printed scarf with specific colors, material and design and she knocked it out of the park. Great communication, customer service and delivered it on time as estimated. I Will be buying more from Racaire’s Workshop!

    Paul Ghezzo Avatar Paul Ghezzo

    Fantastic communication and phenomenal craftspersonship. The beautiful octopus stamp work and high quality sewing for my pirate bandana was perfect. I recommend Racaire's Workshop, and I am already planning future purchases! May you have fair winds and following seas!

    Markland Griffith Avatar Markland Griffith

    had the lovely experience of wandering into this pop-up shop at an EMP event. not only is the seller one of the absolute sweetest people (and extremely historically knowledgeable!) but her items are also all extremely high quality and more than worth the cost. i bought two coifs and was very pleased with how comfortable they were while also remaining steadfast on my head without needing any sort of pins.

    Emilia Sunderland Avatar Emilia Sunderland

    Bought a tunic and was not disappointed whatsoever. An extremely talented and kind woman who really knows her craft, will be buying again in the future.

    Elijah Smith Avatar Elijah Smith

    Incredible customer service skills and communication. I ordered a set of placemats and a table runner and after 6 months of daily use they show no signs of wear and are still vibrant and beautiful!!

    James Fray Avatar James Fray

    Have purchased two items so far from Racaire. Both items are high quality, superb communication from Racaire with design, what was needed fabric wise and pricing. Everything was straight up and done to my exact specifications. She does beautiful work, extremely well made and is truly an artist above the rest. Purchase with confidence and rest assured that what you get will definitely bring the oohs and ahhhs.

    Todd Bennett Avatar Todd Bennett

    Ordered one item and had questions about a second item. Racaire was quick to contact me and and send pics with measurements. I ended up getting both items. They were shipped that day and arrived insanely fast for being across the country. Note: Items I selected were in stock. Racaire is very friendly and strives to know a little about each client/customer it seems. TLDR: Item quality/description: 10/10 Shipping speed/costs: 10/10 Customer service/satisfaction: 10/10

    Brandi Flanagan Butler Avatar Brandi Flanagan Butler

    I have had such a joy watching my tunic be created by such a wonderful person! Extreme talent! Thank you so much for working on my tunic <3 I cannot wait to wear it out at events!

    Cody David Rusch Avatar Cody David Rusch

    positive review  Racaire made and appliqué and embroidered Rose hood for me as a commissioned present. It is stunning, the skill and attention to detail are superb. It is one of the most beautiful things I own. Wool with silk and gold work.

    Talina Davis Avatar Talina Davis

    positive review  Words cannot describe how amazing and awesome my experiences have been with Racaire's Workshop, without a doubt would recommend them.

    Sandy Zintz Avatar Sandy Zintz

    positive review  Racaire's Workshop made me this custom X-Large Coif as seen at The customer service including answering a ton of questions related to my'big head' and other unusual/unique requests that I made were absolutely SUPERB!!!! The only thing that surpassed my experience in ordering this coif was the pleasure I have received from wrapping it around my rather 'big head'....:) Looking forward to having the rest of my WARdrobe completed by Racaire's Worlshop!!! with Anna E. Dockery Experience was a 12 out of possible 10....... Boo McAfee

    Boo McAfee Avatar Boo McAfee

    positive review  I'm blown away by the block printing on the scarf I received. The colors are vibrant, the fabric is soft, and the pattern matching is perfection. Racaire was quick to respond, and updated me along the way. My scarf was packaged beautifully, and I felt like I was opening a present. 100% will order again. ❤

    Alicia Askey Avatar Alicia Askey

    positive review  Rest assured I will do business with you again and spread how good your merchandise is. Your patterned coif was amazing in its fit. and quality.

    David Fordham Avatar David Fordham

    positive review  I placed my order and a few days later my package arrived. It was perfect. It was everything I wanted it to be. Nothing to dislike here. Highly recommend.

    Bill Bush Avatar Bill Bush

    positive review  Friendly efficent service

    Gytha Ui Bhanain Avatar Gytha Ui Bhanain

    positive review  She made a masque for me, and helped me pick color an design, then gift-wrapped (😍) it when I said it was a birthday present from me to me -- well constructed and as attractive as possible given what it is. I will definitely buy again. Kendra of the White Castle

    Lou Villadsen Avatar Lou Villadsen

    positive review  She’s a very talented artist and sews beautifully! My custom bag was hand stamped with her own cut stamps in beautiful Gold paint, and the design looked perfect on the bag. If you need a bag for a purse or knapsack, and with any design you can think of, purchase it from this wonderful lady! ***** (5 stars)

    Dina Stinson Lawson Avatar Dina Stinson Lawson

    positive review  I commissioned a hand carved stamp for my husband's knighting ceremony clothes. Not only is it gorgeous, but I was given SO MUCH information on sources and instructional information on block printing. I now feel relatively confident I can do this. Perfection.

    Maegwynn Attewode Avatar Maegwynn Attewode

    positive review  Fantastic quality and really awesome communication. Very much appreciate the beautiful stamp work and high quality sewing. The wool coif will be something he treasures for a long time!

    Libby Cripps Avatar Libby Cripps

    positive review  I have admired Racaire’s Workshop for a while. The examples of period style and the detail put into the finished work always looks great. I ordered some linen coifs for my kit and was asked important question that made my experience a good one. Besides size, color and intended use. I am happy with my purchase.

    John Reuter Norman Armoury Avatar John Reuter Norman Armoury

    positive review  Working with Racaire's Workshop has been wonderful. I special ordered an octopus bag and it is beautiful. She created it to my requested specifications.There was a ton of communication throughout the entire process. It was efficient, and easy.

    Cera Jackson Avatar Cera Jackson