positive review  Racaire made and appliqué and embroidered Rose hood for me as a commissioned present. It is stunning, the skill and attention to detail are superb. It is one of the most beautiful things I own. Wool with silk and gold work.

    Talina Davis Avatar Talina Davis

    positive review  Words cannot describe how amazing and awesome my experiences have been with Racaire's Workshop, without a doubt would recommend them.

    Sandy Zintz Avatar Sandy Zintz

    positive review  Racaire's Workshop made me this custom X-Large Coif as seen at The customer service including answering a ton of questions related to my'big head' and other unusual/unique requests that I made were absolutely SUPERB!!!! The only thing that surpassed my experience in ordering this coif was the pleasure I have received from wrapping it around my rather 'big head'....:) Looking forward to having the rest of my WARdrobe completed by Racaire's Worlshop!!! with Anna E. Dockery Experience was a 12 out of possible 10....... Boo McAfee

    Boo McAfee Avatar Boo McAfee

    positive review  I'm blown away by the block printing on the scarf I received. The colors are vibrant, the fabric is soft, and the pattern matching is perfection. Racaire was quick to respond, and updated me along the way. My scarf was packaged beautifully, and I felt like I was opening a present. 100% will order again. ❤

    Alicia Askey Avatar Alicia Askey

    positive review  Rest assured I will do business with you again and spread how good your merchandise is. Your patterned coif was amazing in its fit. and quality.

    David Fordham Avatar David Fordham

    positive review  I placed my order and a few days later my package arrived. It was perfect. It was everything I wanted it to be. Nothing to dislike here. Highly recommend.

    Bill Bush Avatar Bill Bush

    positive review  Friendly efficent service

    Gytha Ui Bhanain Avatar Gytha Ui Bhanain

    positive review  She made a masque for me, and helped me pick color an design, then gift-wrapped (😍) it when I said it was a birthday present from me to me -- well constructed and as attractive as possible given what it is. I will definitely buy again. Kendra of the White Castle

    Lou Villadsen Avatar Lou Villadsen

    positive review  She’s a very talented artist and sews beautifully! My custom bag was hand stamped with her own cut stamps in beautiful Gold paint, and the design looked perfect on the bag. If you need a bag for a purse or knapsack, and with any design you can think of, purchase it from this wonderful lady! ***** (5 stars)

    Dina Stinson Lawson Avatar Dina Stinson Lawson

    positive review  I commissioned a hand carved stamp for my husband's knighting ceremony clothes. Not only is it gorgeous, but I was given SO MUCH information on sources and instructional information on block printing. I now feel relatively confident I can do this. Perfection.

    Maegwynn Attewode Avatar Maegwynn Attewode

    positive review  Fantastic quality and really awesome communication. Very much appreciate the beautiful stamp work and high quality sewing. The wool coif will be something he treasures for a long time!

    Libby Cripps Avatar Libby Cripps

    positive review  I have admired Racaire’s Workshop for a while. The examples of period style and the detail put into the finished work always looks great. I ordered some linen coifs for my kit and was asked important question that made my experience a good one. Besides size, color and intended use. I am happy with my purchase.

    John Reuter Norman Armoury Avatar John Reuter Norman Armoury

    positive review  Working with Racaire's Workshop has been wonderful. I special ordered an octopus bag and it is beautiful. She created it to my requested specifications.There was a ton of communication throughout the entire process. It was efficient, and easy.

    Cera Jackson Avatar Cera Jackson

    positive review  I had a question about creating fabric stamps. She took time out to answer my questions and give me pointers and encouragement. A big thank you!

    Ruth Thorson Avatar Ruth Thorson

    positive review  I just got my octobag and I love it. Recaire is fast and very responsive to requests and changes

    Ann Wisnieski Avatar Ann Wisnieski

    positive review  hangearbeitete mittelalterlich Stoffdrucke. Aber auch H.P.Lovecraft Fans könnten auf ihre Kosten kommen,, Squirts in Sight

    Steffen Quaer Avatar Steffen Quaer

    positive review  I ordered an octopus printed bag on October 27th. By the next day, the bag was finished, packaged up, and shipped to me. It arrived today, October 31st. Included in the package was a hand-written note detailing how to clean the bag as-needed, and a few extra small pieces of stamped fabric. The seller was very responsive to questions, and gave me some great tips as I'm going to start getting into doing fabric painting myself. I would definitely recommend purchasing from Racaire's Workshop.

    Joe Sites Avatar Joe Sites

    positive review  I just received my Skull earring. Shipping was quick (quicker than anticipated) and very personal. And they made it just in time to wear for Halloween. LOVE THEM!!!! Thank you..❤️

    Melissa Hannon Avatar Melissa Hannon

    positive review  Just received the most darling pair of handmade earrings from her and I love them. Quick shipping, excellent communication and customer service, excellent and professional craftsmanship and just all around delightful to deal with. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for that perfect item or gift!

    Lexie Huselton Avatar Lexie Huselton

    positive review  The quality of her work is excellent. And the designs!

    Christine Brunner Avatar Christine Brunner

    positive review  This woman is so amazingly talented and wonderful!!! She creates the most beautiful things!!! If you are looking for someone to create something for you - you have found her!!!

    Misty April Bushlow Avatar Misty April Bushlow

    positive review  Thank you so much for my beautiful Pelican. bag. The stamp is gorgeous. The bag is well made and I really look forward to using at an event soon. Wonderful work, highly recommended!

    Kathy Milne Whitaker Avatar Kathy Milne Whitaker

    positive review  I recently bought a run of octopus print fabric from Racaire’s Workshop. The piece is beautiful and it’s always a pleasure to business with a fellow artist. Anna’s attention to detail is amazing.

    Deborah Yegerlehner Sweeney Avatar Deborah Yegerlehner Sweeney

    positive review  great works of wearable and usable art and very pleased with my knitted hat that she makes!!

    Tabatha Lowery Avatar Tabatha Lowery

    positive review  Ordered the octopus stamped fabric. They were a dream to work with!! Patiently answered all my questions and when I finally made my decision the fabric was shipped and arrived very quickly!! I definitely recommend Racaire’s Workshop for any really cool custom stamped fabrics!!

    Betsy DeBottis Avatar Betsy DeBottis

    positive review  Racaire's work is thoughtful, beautiful, historic and absolutely well made! There is care and pride in everything that comes out of her workshop, a craftmanship that you just don't get from mainstream markets! I have several items done by her hand and I am continually asked about them and who made them. Racaire's quality and artistic beauty shines through everytime.

    Brealthen De Raimes Avatar Brealthen De Raimes

    positive review  Amazing work, love the stamp created for me. The details are amazing. You just kind find anything their equal for quality and artistic design. Def

    Robert de Bray Avatar Robert de Bray

    positive review  I have followed Racaire's work for a decade. She is a true artist, and absolute magic with a needle! Her block printed fabrics are gobsmackingly gorgeous, with historically appropriate designs, and her embroidery and textile arts are without peer. Her historical research is spot on which is something this history geek truly appreciates. I recommend her work heartily! (and she's an awfully nice person to boot!)

    Linda M. Davies Avatar Linda M. Davies

    positive review  I've made 2 purchases from Racaire. both were of exceedingly high quality. She shipped fast and communicated quickly thru the whole process each time. I highly recommend her. I will go to her again when need arises without a doubt. Navah

    Aibinn Ingen Artain Avatar Aibinn Ingen Artain

    positive review  Racaire is an amazing artist who’s work has taken our jousting troupe to the next level!! Highly recommended!

    Joe A Farley Avatar Joe A Farley