7th - 9th century doll tunic
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…a little 7th to 9th century doll tunic…

Have you ever wondered what kids played with centuries ago? Pictures of toys from the very last centuries are available in quite an abundance but they get more and more rare the further you go back in time. Therefore you might very well imagine my great joy when I found this lovely little doll tunic from the 7th to 9th century on display at the Bode Museum.

Yesterday, while looking up the Sprang hairnet photo on my computer, I ran again into several photos of quite interesting pieces in my private Museum photos collection. Though I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you for quite some time, I always forgot until today. Therefore let’s make a beginning and start with the very first one – this beautiful little doll tunic from the 7th to the 9th century:

7th - 9th century doll tunic at display at the Bode Museum
Photo copyright Racaire/Anna E. Dockery 2014

Doll’s Tunic
Egypt, 7th – 9th century
Bode Museum

As you can see, this little doll tunic is very nicely made and despite its age in an amazing condition. I am quite sure a kid had quite some fun using it. However I just can’t get one thought out of my head – how did the doll that fits in this tunic look like? And why are the sleeves just sooooo little…? *giggle* 

Nevertheless, it is an amazing piece and I am glad that I got to see and capture it. If you ever make it to Berlin, Germany, I highly recommend that you pay the Bode Museum a visit!