Interesting Links – a great extant 12th century dress inspiration :D

I am tremendously excited! I was just browsing the internet and looking at pictures of 12th century artwork as I run into a lovely detail photo of a 12th century female statue. And as I followed the picture to its source, I discovered a complete photo album… 😀

Well, after looking at 12th century artwork for about 10 years now, it doesn’t happen very often that I run into really good detail photos of extant 12th century artwork which I haven’t seen yet. But I still look out for them as the excitement of finding new detail photos or a special unique piece still gives me a good thrill… *giggle*
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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished
 – my favorite photos from day #4 :D

2014 July , Racaire in Barcelona - Mission Medieval BarcelonaAnd last but not least – after all the photos from day #1, day #2 and day #3 – you will following find my favorite photos of day #4 of my recent trip to Barcelona.

Also on my fourth and last day in Barcelona I did a lot of sightseeing. I was very busy and added even more photos to the memory card of my camera.

Retrospective I can say that 4 days are nowhere near enough to see all the great things this awesome city has to offer. And to try all this delicious tapas!

Barcelona is definitely worth a visit and here are some new photos for you – enjoy! 😀

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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished
 – my favorite photos from day #3 :D

2014 July , Racaire in Barcelona - Mission Medieval BarcelonaRecently I already posted the photos of day #1 and day #2 of my trip to Barcelona. And today I have even more photos for you from day #3.

It took some time to go through all the photos which I took during this day. But finally I managed to put together another selection of my favorite photos for you – enjoy! 🙂

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…on a medieval photo safari in Vienna…

2014 Racaire in Barcelona - on a medieval photo safari - Mission medieval BarcelonaAt the moment I am on a medieval photo safari in the museums of Vienna… 😀

…I was so excited about the quality of the photos which my new Sony Alpha dslr takes that I decided to “re-take” some photos of my favorite pieces on display at the local museums.

Yesterday I already spent about 3.5hours at the treasury and after a first look through my new photos I have to say: all this awesome details! I want more! I am definitely going back today to take more photos! *lol*

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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished
 – my favorite photos from day #2 :D

2014, July, Racaire in Barcelona*gosch* I really can’t believe it. I already took about 1300 photos during my very first day in Barcelona and thought that this is a really large number. Well, this was until I started to go through the photos of day #2….

…it seems that I took even more photos during my second day in Barcelona. More than 2000 photos – *gosch* – how did I manage this? *lol*

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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished… – my favorite photos from day #1 :D

I am happy to say that I successfully accomplished my “Mission Medieval Barcelona”. 😀

2014 July, Racaire in Barcelona - "Mission Medieval Barcelona"

I had 4 wonderful days in Barcelona – I visited many museums, tasted several Tapas, Sangria,… and I took many many photos… Though I stayed out of the sun as much as possible, I brought with me a slight sunburn at my shoulders and neck. And what shall I say about my poor feet – even after some rest they still hurt like hell… *lol*

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Mission Medieval Barcelona


I am such a happy girl and I still can’t believe it. For the next days I will be away from the computer because I am going to Barcelona! Viva Espana! *happydance* 😀

…and my motto is again: “Mission Medieval Barcelona”!

But I promise that I will also take a look at the “modern” stuff and that I will take many-many-manyyyy photos. 😉

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Short note – Mission Medieval Florenz

I was invited to a city trip and there are just some minutes left before I leave for the night train from Vienna to Florenz (Florence) in Italy. Like always I will look for everything medieval and will take as many pics as I can. On monday I will be back again and will be able to tell you more about my trip.

I wish you some lovely days and a wonderful weekend

Best regards and “Bussi” from Vienna

Racaire 😀


Mission “Medieval Berlin” – the forgotten 14th century Queen from France

Racaire in BerlinAs I promised, I already took a first look through my photos from Berlin. At the very first day I visited the “Tiergarten Berlin” (the zoo) and the nearby aquarium.

Knowing that you would prefer to see some of my medieval photos first, I decided to skip this day for now and to start with day 2 and my very first museum visit.

What shall I say – it was truly amazing! I already found some lovely medieval art at the very first museum I visited. I spend some hours looking through the medieval collection and took about 2.300 photos. Well, I admit that this count surprised me but I think it is not unusual for me… *lol*

I decided to start with a very lovely piece of medieval art on display in the very first museum I visited:

The “forgotten 14th century Queen from France”

Racaire_Mission “Medieval Berlin” - the forgotten 14th century Queen from France

Like always I walked through the medieval collection, looking at the museum information, taking photos and suddenly there she was, just looking at me.

A beautiful and delicate face, a severe but loving look – every inch exquisite and gorgeous. She looked truly like a queen and after a short look at the museum information I could say for sure that she was a “Royal Donatrix”. She was indeed a 14th century queen from France.

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Mission “Medieval Berlin” accomplished :D


I am back again! …and I am very happy to say that I accomplished my “Mission Medieval Berlin”! *happydance* 😀

I had a rather long “wish-list” of museums which I wanted to visit. Therefore my time schedule for Berlin was very tight.
4 very long days filled with a lot of walking and yes, my feet still hurt! But there is just one word to describe my trip: Awesome!

I was very busy in Berlin. I visited 7 museums and the zoo & aquarium. I also saw “Checkpoint Charlie”, the “Brandenburger Tor”,… just to name a few places. I even found time to meet two friends who live in Berlin. We spend a wonderful time together.

My mission “Medieval Berlin” was a full success. I took about 6.000 photos in this 4 days!
Most of this photos were taken at the local museums and many of them are of extant medieval pieces on display! I am especially excited about the photos I took of the extant pieces of lovely medieval embroidery… 😀

…and I even took some nice photos of Berlin too. It will take some time to go through all this photos. I am very looking forward to showing you some of the highlights and to tell you more about the interesting museum catalogues I found.

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