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Interesting Links – a great extant 12th century dress inspiration :D

I am tremendously excited! I was just browsing the internet and looking at pictures of 12th century artwork as I run into a lovely detail photo of a 12th century female statue. And as I followed the picture to its source, I discovered a complete photo album… 😀

Well, after looking at 12th century artwork for about 10 years now, it doesn’t happen very often that I run into really good detail photos of extant 12th century artwork which I haven’t seen yet. But I still look out for them as the excitement of finding new detail photos or a special unique piece still gives me a good thrill… *giggle*

But see for yourself:

Heike Krings photos

Heike Krings took beautiful photos of a female statue at Saint Loup de Naud. Thankfully she uploaded her beautiful detail pictures of the fillet, the neckline of the over dress as well as the visible part of the neckline of the underdress, the belt and what looks like a two part court dress (with an attached skirt)… 

And looking for more pictures she might have taken in the past, I also discovered another photo album of hers: 

2012 Gewandungsrecherche Frankreich
(2012 clothing/garb research France)

Which also contains some interesting photos of romanesque art among many other photos which might interest you… 🙂

Please keep in mind that though the links are working right now, they might not work for ever. Furthermore please respect her copyright and treat her photos accordingly. 

Best regards Racaire