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…and more museums and photos…

Apropos photos – I uploaded some of my photos to facebook and thought you might enjoy them:

Special guided tour through the Landeszeughaus/Armory
Graz, Austria 2004

Burg Lockenhaus
Austria 2005

Burg Forchtenstein
Austria 2005

Burg Schallaburg
Austria 2012

Vienna, Austria – 2014

Feathers! 16th century feather art from South America
at the Weltmuseum
Vienna, Austria – 2014

Ahoy Christopher Columbus – visiting Nina & Pinta
Owensboro, Kentucky, 2015

Mammoth Cave, KY – Historic Tour

…and last but not least for all of you who missed the photos of how I do my eyelets:

Racaire’s Eyelet Tutorial

Enjoy! 😀