12th century tunic for my husband – 12th century neckline inspired by the “blue Dalmatika” & “white Alba”

2015-12 - Racaire - Conrads 12th century tunic grey light-wool tunicAnd today let’s take a further look at the 12th century tunic I made for my husband last winter and especially its 12th century neckline inspired by the “blue Dalmatika” and the “white Alba”.

I already started to post about this 12th century tunic project several weeks ago but somehow I got a little bit sidetracked after the last posting. It seems like my brain acts like a squirrel at times as I can get easily distracted. Sometimes it can be a hard task for me to keep track of all my projects as there are so many – future, current and already finished ones…

However, postponed is definitely not abandoned. I am picking up the thread right were I dropped it with a posting about my inspiration for the 12th century neckline for my husbands tunic. 🙂
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…on a medieval photo safari in Vienna…

2014 Racaire in Barcelona - on a medieval photo safari - Mission medieval BarcelonaAt the moment I am on a medieval photo safari in the museums of Vienna… 😀

…I was so excited about the quality of the photos which my new Sony Alpha dslr takes that I decided to “re-take” some photos of my favorite pieces on display at the local museums.

Yesterday I already spent about 3.5hours at the treasury and after a first look through my new photos I have to say: all this awesome details! I want more! I am definitely going back today to take more photos! *lol*

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Mission Medieval Barcelona


I am such a happy girl and I still can’t believe it. For the next days I will be away from the computer because I am going to Barcelona! Viva Espana! *happydance* 😀

…and my motto is again: “Mission Medieval Barcelona”!

But I promise that I will also take a look at the “modern” stuff and that I will take many-many-manyyyy photos. 😉

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Impressions from Vienna – Schwarzenbergplatz & Belvedere

2014-02-23_07_50_21_racaireMore impressions from Vienna, the city that has been my “home town” for such a long time and still will be for some weeks…

I guess I love Vienna as much as I hate it, but that might be also true for many others who spent nearly their whole life in one and the same city. A city that sometimes seems to contain more tourists than citizens – especially when you make the mistake to visit the inner city during day time… 😉 *lol*

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Moyen Age N° 95 – article by Tina Anderlini & one of my museum photos

Moyen Age with one of my museum photos - Racaire

Some time ago my friend Tina Anderlini told me about an article she was writing and asked me if she could use one of my museum photos from the Schatzkammer in Vienna.

…and now you may guess what was in my mail this week. Exactly – an issue of the magazine Moyen Age with her article and with one of my museum photos. 🙂

Thank you very much Tina!
I really like your article! 😀

I was very happy to be able to support her article with a good close up picture of the 12th century Cingulum on display at the Schatzkammer in Vienna. This are the moments when I think that all the time and effort spent at the museums taking good photos and detail photos in sometimes really odd positions really pays off. Well, this moments and when I am working at one of my projects where I need this close up pictures to look something up. …or when Tina and I are “discussing” certain theories and I want to back up my theory for the actual discussion… 😉


Though I don’t really understand French besides some single words, Tina Anderlinis article “Un témoin des modes et mentalités médiévales: la ceinture 2e partie” looks very interesting.

…and because it is about belts in the 12th century I might take all what I somehow remember from the 6months of French I had at school and will try to translate as much of the text for myself as possible…
Well, when I find some time for it. It just might take a while because my project list is rather long already. But I definitely put it on my to-do-list. Until then, I will enjoy the photos of her article. 😉

Best regards Racaire

Museum visit: Vienna 1450 – The Master of Lichtenstein Castle

Tickets Belvedere 2014_02

I finally made it to the exhibition
“Der Meister von Schloss Lichtenstein und seine Zeit”

In English: The Master of Lichtenstein Castle and his time.

The “Belvedere”  started this exhibition at the 08th of November last year and this weekend, at the 23rd of February, this exhibition will close its doors again. I am so glad that I managed to get there and to see the exhibition shortly before it ends again.

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