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Mission Medieval Barcelona


I am such a happy girl and I still can’t believe it. For the next days I will be away from the computer because I am going to Barcelona! Viva Espana! *happydance* 😀

…and my motto is again: “Mission Medieval Barcelona”!

But I promise that I will also take a look at the “modern” stuff and that I will take many-many-manyyyy photos. 😉

What not many people know by now is that this trip to Barcelona will be my last city trip here in Europe before my final move to the USA. I am very excited about this trip and the possibility to visit Barcelona before I leave Europe. Btw. this will be also my very first journey to Spain. I really can’t wait to see the old city part of Barcelona, as many interesting museums as possible and to try the local food.

As you might remember, I already posted about some nice things I found on display at museums in Berlin – the “forgotten 14th century Queen from France” and the beautiful “12th century Wallhanging fragment“. And yes, I haven’t started posting about my lovely findings of my other recent city trips to Florence and Passau yet…

I admit it, my expectations for Barcelona are very high. I already have a rather long wish list concerning museums which I want to explore on my search for interesting textiles, embroidery and medieval stuff. Please cross your fingers for me that it is allowed to take photos at the museums. 🙂

Btw. I recently decided to also re-visit the famous museums here in Vienna before my move. Especially because my new dslr is a little bit better at taking pictures in the dark than my old one. I already made it to the “Kunstkammer” and the “Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer” of the KHM and also to the MAK.

The MAK recently allowed photography without flash therefore I wanted to go there and take photos of the beautiful “Göss Vestments” and the embroidered wallhanging. But what I found instead nearly broke my heart – I was too late! They already took this awesome embroidered pieces from the display and put them back into the depot. They replaced it with an Asian collection. Someone of the museum stuff told me that this beautiful pieces didn’t attract enough visitors and were “boring”… *sigh* …another beautiful piece of medieval art vanished in the depths of a museum depot. What a shame!
But well, at least I found some lovely 16th century lace, a 13th century folding stool, 16th century knitted pontifical stockings and gloves, a landsknecht ring,… and tried my best to take some good and detailed photos. Btw. is anyone of you interested into 16th century knitting or lace? 🙂

…ok, the plan for the next days is rather easy – I will “invade” as many museums of Barcelona as possible. And next week I will try to take even more museum photos at the local museums in Vienna. I already found 2 lovely new pouches on display at the “Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer” and can’t wait to visit the treasury again for some more detailed photos of the 12th century dalmatics and their embroidery. Seems that I somehow “lost” some detail photos of the woven band of the red 12th century cloak and can’t wait to take new ones…

Btw. have I told you yet that I got me a flexible lens hood for my dslr that makes taking photos at museums a little bit easier? Well, I think I can say that I am prepared for all possible museums with this new flexible lens hood and my +4 macro lens. I just hope that I am allowed to take pictures… 😀

I wish you a beautiful week and hope to come back with some beautiful photos from my “Mission Medieval Barcelona”… Viva Espana! Where is my suncream?” 😉

Best regards Racaire