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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished… – my favorite photos from day #2 :D

2014, July, Racaire in Barcelona*gosch* I really can’t believe it. I already took about 1300 photos during my very first day in Barcelona and thought that this is a really large number. Well, this was until I started to go through the photos of day #2….

…it seems that I took even more photos during my second day in Barcelona. More than 2000 photos – *gosch* – how did I manage this? *lol*

It took several hours to look through all photos of my second day in Barcelona but I have to say that I enjoyed it tremendously. Following you will find a personal selection of my favorite photos of day #2 – enjoy! 😀

Most of the photos above were taken at the awesome cathedral of Barcelona. And with cathedral I don’t mean the “Sagrada Familia“, the modern Gaudi cathedral and famous landmark of Barcelona. I mean the “real” thing: “the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia“. In my opinion this cathedral is much more beautiful than the modern one. Yes, I think it is obvious that I am really not a fan of modern art, I admit it… *lol* 😉

On this day I already spent about 2 hours in the cathedral and on its rooftop before it closed at noon. It is so huge and amazing that when it closed its doors, I was still not finished with taking photos and enjoying the awesome medieval art. Therefore I decided to come back on the next day and to take even more photos…

I really can’t wait to go through the photos of the third day and to pick my favorite ones of the garden of the enclosed monastery for you. I wish I could say that I was able to visit the small museum of the cathedral but it was closed when I was there. Anyway, I was more then pleased and occupied with looking at the lovely small chapels of the cathedral and its medieval altars. The light inside the cathedral was not very good but I did my best to take some good photos of the medieval paintings of the chapel altars and all the other lovely details. I am very looking forward to write more about them soon. 🙂

…oh and a short side note concerning the rooftop – if I would have known how the lift looks like – at the inside and outside – I might have thought twice before using it. Unfortunately it was the only way to the roof. And the look from the roof was just awesome…

…and I promise to post more photos of my “Mission Medieval Barcelona” soon – this time of day #3… 😀

Best regards Racaire