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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished… – my favorite photos from day #3 :D

2014 July , Racaire in Barcelona - Mission Medieval BarcelonaRecently I already posted the photos of day #1 and day #2 of my trip to Barcelona. And today I have even more photos for you from day #3.

It took some time to go through all the photos which I took during this day. But finally I managed to put together another selection of my favorite photos for you – enjoy! 🙂

And again more photos from “the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia“. There was so much left to explore when they closed the cathedral at noon at my first visit, that I came back for more at the next day. I think the photos of the inside of the cathedral give you a very nice impression of its huge dimensions.

This time I also included a photo of one of the medieval altars in one of the small but numerous (side-) chapels as well as a photo of one of its painted parts. I found several beautifully painted medieval altars inside some of this small chapels and tried my best to take photos of them. And I have to say that this was really not an easy task. The rather bad light conditions, the huge size of this altars and the bars made it quite difficult for me to take good photos. But I think I managed to take some really nice photos of some of the altars and I definitely want to post more about them soon… 🙂

And this time I was also able to visit the small but beautiful adjacent cloister garden. Despite all the tourists around me and the noise they made, I could feel a certain kind of peace during my visit. A kind of inner peace which is hard to describe. Nevertheless, I did my best to capture the raw beauty of this awesome place to be able to share it with you.

…and yes, this huge reproduction of a 16th century Spanish ship is breathtaking, isn’t it. This ship reproduction can be found at the “Museu Marítim de Barcelona“. While standing in front of this huge ship I really could feel its “presence” in the room which was very impressing. *WoW* Can you imagine how an armada of such ships might look like? …especially for the enemy? I bet such an armada was very impressing and intimidating.

Now there is only one last day of my trip to Barcelona left and the photos which I took on this day. Just one more set of photos from Barcelona and I will get back to my embroidery projects. 😀

Best regards Racaire