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…on a medieval photo safari in Vienna…

2014 Racaire in Barcelona - on a medieval photo safari - Mission medieval BarcelonaAt the moment I am on a medieval photo safari in the museums of Vienna… 😀

…I was so excited about the quality of the photos which my new Sony Alpha dslr takes that I decided to “re-take” some photos of my favorite pieces on display at the local museums.

Yesterday I already spent about 3.5hours at the treasury and after a first look through my new photos I have to say: all this awesome details! I want more! I am definitely going back today to take more photos! *lol*

It is really not easy to take good detail photos at the treasury because the light is not very bright in order to protect the items on display. Well, this is not only true for the treasury, you will have “bad light conditions” at every good museum that wants to preserve and protect its displayed items.

That made taking good and detailed photos at museums always a great challenge for me which I greatly accepted. During my visits in Florence, Passau and Barcelona I noticed that my new Sony Alpha dslr is much better concerning the handling of this bad light conditions. Therefore I thought to give it a try and to take more photos of my favorite embroideries. After a first look at this new photos I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled and excited – the details which I can now see are just awesome. 😀

I definitely feel some lovely inspiration of new embroidery projects coming up but first I need to get hold on my books again to check some details. For example – there is a special technique used on one of the 12th century pieces which I don’t really know by now and also don’t recognize. There might be a good chance that I find something similar or at least new information in my books I might have overlooked till now.

And as I promised my sister Bella, I also took a closer look at the blue Tunicella and many photos of the details I found. I will post about this details as soon as I start the 12th century wedding clothing project for my sweetheart. Furthermore I also took some lovely detail photos of the tablet woven border of the coronation cloak and also better detail photos of the beautiful blue belt,… just to mention a few. So much to post about in the future. 😀

During the 3.5 hours which I spent in the treasury yesterday I was not able to take new photos of the last room with the beautiful 15th century gold and silk embroidery… Therefore I will go back today and take more photos… 🙂

…and now, after this posting and a short lunch, I will take my camera and head to the treasury again for more detail photos. *lol* Medieval photo safari!!! I love it. 😀

Best regards Racaire