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Mission Medieval Barcelona accomplished… – my favorite photos from day #4 :D

2014 July , Racaire in Barcelona - Mission Medieval BarcelonaAnd last but not least – after all the photos from day #1day #2 and day #3 – you will following find my favorite photos of day #4 of my recent trip to Barcelona.

Also on my fourth and last day in Barcelona I did a lot of sightseeing. I was very busy and added even more photos to the memory card of my camera.

Retrospective I can say that 4 days are nowhere near enough to see all the great things this awesome city has to offer. And to try all this delicious tapas!

Barcelona is definitely worth a visit and here are some new photos for you – enjoy! 😀

At my 4th day in Barcelona I also visited the beautiful gothic church “Santa Maria del Mar“. Most of the photos which you can see above were taken during my visit of this church.

According to the city guide the rather simple outside appearance of the church “Santa Maria del Mar” is representative for the Catalan Gothic style. To give you an idea of the dimensions of this church – my city guide gives following measurements: the span between the columns is 13m (ca. 42.7 feet) and the columns are 18m (ca. 59 feet) high.

Btw. I found the following text about the proportions of the church “Santa Maria del Mar” on Wikipedia very interesting:

…”According to the art historian Josep Bracons, the basic unit of measurement used in Santa Maria del Mar was the mediaeval foot of 33 centimetres. Measured in this way, the side chapels are 10 feet deep, the width of the side aisles is double this, while the central aisle is four times as wide, that is, 40 feet. The total width of the church is thus 100 mediaeval feet, which is also equal to the maximum height of the building.”…

…and after all the museums, all the gothic churches and the beautiful gothic quarter Barri Gòtic, which I visited on the first three days, I decided to also visit the modern beach area of Barcelona.

The beach was awfully crowded but I am anyway not a sun worshiper. I find it much more pleasant to go on a photo safari and to hunt down interesting photo motifs instead. …or, well, to visit a museum. 😉

And here another personal selection of my photos. This time I present to you my favorite photos of the modern Barcelona – enjoy! 🙂

I hope you also enjoyed my favorite photos of my fourth day in Barcelona.
…and now I can go back to my postings about my embroidery projects… 😉

Best regards Racaire