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    …on a medieval photo safari in Vienna…

    At the moment I am on a medieval photo safari in the museums of Vienna… 😀 …I was so excited about the quality of the photos which my new Sony Alpha dslr takes that I decided to “re-take” some photos of my favorite pieces on display at the local museums. Yesterday I already spent about 3.5hours at the treasury and after a first look through my new photos I have to say: all this awesome details! I want more! I am definitely going back today to take more photos! *lol*

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    Happy Easter! …and some Spring Impressions from Vienna :D

    Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern! …from Vienna. 😀 You really can’t avoid the Easter feeling here in Vienna. You can find chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies at every grocery store here. …and there are Easter markets all over town too… Yes, you can say that Austrian like their Easter. *lol* …and though I am not sharing my chocolate Easter eggs or my chocolate Easter bunnies with you – in my opinion this is always the best part of Easter – I have some lovely Spring impressions from Vienna, Schönbrunn for you. This photos have definitely less calories than my Easter chocolate 😉

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    Impressions from Vienna – the best panoramic view over Vienna

    Welcome to another embroidery-free-sunday. Today I have something special for you – I found the best panoramic view in Vienna. This week a friend of mine visited the “Haus des Meeres” and invited me to accompany him. I really like this “Aqua Terra Zoo”. It is a great example of how something as ugly and huge that belongs to WWII history can be turned into something good and useful. Well, who would expect an “Aqua Terra Zoo” in a WWII Flak tower in the middle of Vienna? …but on the other side – isn’t that the perfect solution, especially when you also think of the climbing wall at the outside of…

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    Impressions from Vienna – Tiergarten Schönbrunn – dragon-heads and other interesting things…

    …and again another “embroidery-posting-free” sunday with more impressions from the Tiergarten Schönbrunn for you. This week I have some new and interesting photos for you like pictures of traditional “Drachenköpfe” (dragon-heads), an about 100 Million year old stone plate,… But first I would like to tell you why I find the building on the picture above – the “Tirolerhof” – so interesting: This farm house, as you can see on the picture above and underneath, is a real old traditional farm house. It was relocated from the alps to Vienna. Yes, stone for stone – from the alps to Vienna. Amazing what people can do, isn’t it? …and in my…

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    Impressions from Vienna – Tiergarten Schönbrunn – chicken of doom,…

    …and again another “embroidery-posting-free” sunday with more impressions from Vienna. This time again from the Tiergarten Schönbrunn – which is (still) the oldest zoo of the world and in my personal opinion one of the best zoos of the world. You can find more pictures and additional information of the Tiergarten Schönbrunn in my posting <here> …and yes, I really think I found the “chicken of doom”, as well as other cute poultry like fluffy “SILKY”s – a chicken species already known for 1000 years in Asia – and a rather rare goat species, nearly extinct… …but let’s start with the chicken of doom:  …now you might ask – chicken of…

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    Impressions from Vienna – Schönbrunn – welcome to the 18th century

    It is sunday again and I went for another walk through the beautiful palace garden of the Schönbrunn palace. It seemed to me that some of you very enjoyed the pictures I took the last time, therefore I took again some pictures during my walk for you. There are so many ways one can take through the palace garden of Schönbrunn and every weekend I try to take another way. Again also this time – I took a completely different way. Therefore I have some nice pictures and information especially of “The Obelisk Fountain”, the remains of the “nordöstliche Trophäengruppe” and the “Gloriette” for you this time. I hope you will enjoy…

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    Impressions from Vienna – my favorite “Konditorei”

    …and now something for my friends who live in the states, Australia, … and never have been to Vienna – some pictures for you taken at one of my favorite places here in Vienna – the “Konditorei” Groissböck – but well, you can also call it a sweet heaven. 😀 Something we are really proud of here in Vienna are the countless cakes and other “Mehlspeisen” you can get here. Well, a good coffee and a great piece of “Torte” – an awesome combination. 😉

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    Impressions from Vienna – Schwarzenbergplatz & Belvedere

    More impressions from Vienna, the city that has been my “home town” for such a long time and still will be for some weeks… I guess I love Vienna as much as I hate it, but that might be also true for many others who spent nearly their whole life in one and the same city. A city that sometimes seems to contain more tourists than citizens – especially when you make the mistake to visit the inner city during day time… 😉 *lol*

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    Impressions from Vienna – Schönbrunn Palace Garden & the oldest zoo of the World

    Yesterday I went for a walk in the beautiful palace garden of the Schönbrunn palace. During my walk I took some photos for you. I really love to show friends or SCA members round in Vienna. When we are done with visiting some of the museums and the other interesting locations in the inner city, there is normally no time left for places like the Schönbrunn palace. There are just too many interesting places in Vienna to be able to see them all during a short city-trip. Therefore I thought it might be nice to take some pictures and to share them with you. This way you can visit this…