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Impressions from Vienna – Schwarzenbergplatz & Belvedere

2014-02-23_07_50_21_racaireMore impressions from Vienna, the city that has been my “home town” for such a long time and still will be for some weeks…

I guess I love Vienna as much as I hate it, but that might be also true for many others who spent nearly their whole life in one and the same city. A city that sometimes seems to contain more tourists than citizens – especially when you make the mistake to visit the inner city during day time… 😉 *lol*

2014-02-23_07_48_51_racaire…and now, that I am looking forward to moving to the states soon, I thought it might be a good idea to revisit some of the places which I really like or find interesting in Vienna. By taking photos on my way through Vienna, I want to take you as well as my friends and my new family waiting for me in the states on a small journey through my “home town” and a very interesting city – well, as long as I am here and still able to take photos…

Therefore I again took some photos for you (as well as for me) on my way to the exhibition “Der Meister von Liechtenstein” in the museum “Belvedere” this week… Btw. you can read more about this exhibition <here>.

Too bad that the rather famous “Hochstrahlbrunnen” (fountain) on the Schwarzenbergplatz is not working at the moment – but I hope, as soon as the temperatures rise again, that I can get some nice photos of it for you… This fountain looks just amazing in the night with all this beautfiul colored light… *sigh*

Impressions from the Schwarzenbergplatz:

A picture taken at the way from the Schwarzenbergplatz to the Belvedere:


Impressions of the Belvedere:

Unfortunately – because the rooms of the Belvedere are really beautiful – but I was not allowed to take photos inside the Belvedere. 

I hope you enjoyed my posting about my latest impressions from Vienna. 🙂

Best regards Racaire