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Sneak peek – more progress pictures of my 14th century inspired gaming pouch

Gaming Pouch with Tassel_RacaireAre you ready to start your week with some new progress pictures? I definitely am! 😉

About two days ago I thought that it is definitely time for some fun for me and many new progress pictures for you and I started working at my side project again…

I admit it, after my in-deepth posting about German Brick Stitch and step 2 for my “Craft with Racaire” project #1, I definitely needed a short break from German Brick Stitch. Therefore I started working again at my 14th century inspired gaming pouch for my 14th century inspired backgammon game.

That means that I got really very busy with handsewing, fingerloop braiding and tassel making. You maybe remember the first posting with sneak peeks of my gaming pouch: Sneak peek – hand sewing a pouch for my 14th century inspired Backgammon Game

Sewing my 14th century inspired gamin pouch - Racaire

…and now I am very happy to say that I am nearly finished. I just need one more fingerlooped braid and one tassel and then I will have one more completed project which I can strike out on my long list of projects. 🙂

I really love it when a plan comes together and I am so happy that the pattern for this gaming pouch worked out so nicely. Yes, I drew my basic pattern up for you – the one I normally use for my “fast” hand-sewn pouches because it is really easy and fast to make.

During the sewing progress I also took many progress pictures for you for a nice pouch sewing tutorial. Many detail pictures for the second “Craft with Racaire” project – how to hand-sew a basic pouch & how to make basic tassels. 😀

…and now some general progress pictures for you:

Best regards Racaire