Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 4.1 – Pouch drawstring & how to attach a tassel to the drawstring :D

Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Tassels & pouch drawstringI am very excited! After all the detailed photo tutorials for this project, we finally reached the very last step of the fast and easy pouch tutorial.

…and yes, also this posting is again about tassels. They are (and will always be) one of my favorite medieval embellishments – especially when it comes to embroidered pouches. 😀

How I made the tassels for the bottom of the pouch was already the topic of the last posting. In the following photo tutorial you can read about the handling of the drawstrings for this pouch. In addition you will also see how I attached the tassel securely to the drawstring.

Todays motto is:
“Pouch drawstring & how to attach a tassel to the drawstring”

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Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – Step 4 – Tassels, Tassels, Tassels! :D

Tassels, tassels, tassels!

Craft with Racaire – Project 2 – fast and easy pouch tutorial – TasselsYes, I know, that looks like I really like tassels.
But well, no, that’s not true.
I don’t like them – I love them! 😉

Finally, after finishing the last hand sewing stitches for the fast and easy pouch, we reached the endspurt phase of this tutorial! Today we can at long last start with what I consider the fun part – with the embellishments!

Thinking of my projects of the last years, it really seems like I am suffering from a natural weakness when it comes to fancy adornments.
I just can’t resist to produce more and more of this embroidered buttons, tassels, fringes and all this other cute and fancy adornments. But it doesn’t stop with making them, I also tend to add this adornments wherever it is possible… *lol*

 Craft with Racaire – fast and easy pouch tutorial – finished hand made tassel

Though this weakness might be difficult to endure for my family, I have to say that I can live very well with it. Just my sweetheart is suffering a little bit from it. He definitely forbid me to lay my hands on his tent.

Well, I really think that I can easily resist to paint his tent. But I am looking forward to decorate it with as many wall hangings, pillows, bead spreads,… as I am able to produce… *lol* Yes, this is a promise and a threat at the same time. 😉

Ok, enough funny personal anecdotes for today, let’s continue with the fun part of the fast and easy pouch tutorial:

Todays motto is:
“Tassels, Tassels, Tassels!”

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Revisited – 12th century nailbinded cap in purple with tassel

Revisited - 12th century nailbinded cap in purple with tassel :DI recently got to know that the purple 12th century nailbinded cap which I made in december 2013 finally arrived safe in the hands of my beautiful sister Bella in the states.

Actually it was meant to be a christmas present. But due to all the mundane stress I had during the turn of the year, I unfortunately forgot to send it till spring. …and then – *panic* – it seemed that the cap got lost in the mail….

Racaire_Nailbinding_12th-century-cap_1I was really frightened that the cap might got lost in the mail until I got the releasing message from my sister. Therefore I decided to celebrate the arrival and to revisit my posting about this project for you.

…and well, this is also a small kick into my own butt to finish my pink 12th century cap which is already waiting for its last finishing work and tassel for some months now… *lol*

…and now to the revisited and updated posting about my first 12th century nailbinding project:

Bellas new 12th century nailbinded cap
in purple with tassel 😀

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More German Brick Stitch embroidery – Needle Roll 2 & 3 finished :D

Racaire - German Brick Stitch - Needle Roll 2 & 3 finished

You maybe remember my first “Craft with Racaire” project #1. The needle roll tutorial with German Brick Stitch embroidery which I recently posted.

I was very pleased with my new German Brick Stitch pattern and the finished embroidery for the first needle roll. Furthermore I also tremendously enjoyed working with the beautiful new silk/wool thread I just got from the yarn shop.

Like always, this are more then enough great reasons for me to became playful and creative. This time I decided to play around with my German Brick Stitch pattern #2 and to try out two new pattern ideas I had on my mind. The German Brick Stitch pattern #2 is already a simplified version of my German Brick Stitch pattern #1 and both new pattern ideas are based on this simplified German Brick Stitch pattern #2.

Though I just finished the embroidery for my 14th century French pouch commission, I was not able to proceed with the assembling of the pouch before I had all needed materials together, pre-washed and ironed. Preparing the materials for the pouch commission, I wanted to work at some embroidery. That was the moment when I remembered that I had some embroidery – well, this German Brick Stitch embroidery – still waiting to be turned into needle rolls and I decided to get back to this embroidered bands and to assemble the needle rolls…

…and like always, I have some pictures for you – enjoy! 😀

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Embroidered 14th century pouch for tomorrows 9th blog-birthday raffle finished!!! :D

Wooohoooo! Countdown! Just 1 day left!
…and I just finished my embroidered 14th century pouch for the raffle!

Racaire's embroidered 14th century pouch for the 9th blog-birthday raffle :D

I just managed to finish the embroidered 14th century pouch! …and there is still one day left until the raffle! *happydance*

This “petite” pouch is inspired by an actual 14th century pouch from France. I decided to rework two sections of an extant 14th century French pouch for it. You can see pictures of the other sections in my postings about my current commission which is based on the same extant 14th century French pouch: “14th century French pouch commission”

The final result looks so nice that I wish I could keep it for myself – but no, I will raffle it off tomorrow betwixt my members.

Embroidered 14th century pouch for tomorrows 9th blog-birthday raffle finished!!! :D

…and I will not only raffle off this pouch, I also added one of my embroidery scissors from my “personal fancy scissors collection”. You can see it at the picture above.
This is one of the scissors I got as a birthday present from Frank from the shop I have to say that I really love the scissors which he gave me 2011. I use mine nearly every day since I got them and they still work like at the very first day. 🙂

Btw. one of my personal and favorite scissors, which I use very often is this one:

Mundial 3-1/2-Inch Classic Forged Stork Embroidery Scissors, Gold Plated Finish
(unfortunately I can’t tell you if this are the same scissors I use but they look very close to what I use and have a really good rating)
Stickschere / Storchenschere

…and finally some pictures of the finished pouch for you – Enjoy! 😀

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Craft with Racaire – Project #1 – Step 5.3 – finishing – fast and easy tassels… :)

This posting is about:

“how to make fast and easy tassels…”
…at the end of a cord.

Yes, there is a very fast and rather easy way to make this cute small tassels which you can see at the picture underneath:

Craft with Racaire - Project 1 - Needle-roll 1 - fast and easy tassels

…and here a description of what you need and how you can make them: Continue reading

Craft with Racaire – Project #1 – Step 5.2 – finishing – the cords for the fastening/closing :)

Well, you can do everything you wish with your threads – this here is just a suggestion for a very fast and easy technique how you can make two fast strings for the fastening/closing.

Count your threads – you have 2 colors on each side with 2 threads for each color – the most easy and fast braiding needs 3 threads. That means, if you count every color as just one string (if you want to keep the sides balanced and the threads homogeneous instead of braiding with 1-1-2 strings) then you need one pair extra on every side.


For this purpose you need to see how long the threads are which you have – you should have at least 20-30 cm – the shortest thread should be longer than that.  For this two extra threads just take about the double length of the shortest thread of one side (you can add a little extra) and cut this two threads with this length. Continue reading

Sneak peek – more progress pictures of my 14th century inspired gaming pouch

Gaming Pouch with Tassel_RacaireAre you ready to start your week with some new progress pictures? I definitely am! 😉

About two days ago I thought that it is definitely time for some fun for me and many new progress pictures for you and I started working at my side project again…

I admit it, after my in-deepth posting about German Brick Stitch and step 2 for my “Craft with Racaire” project #1, I definitely needed a short break from German Brick Stitch. Therefore I started working again at my 14th century inspired gaming pouch for my 14th century inspired backgammon game.

That means that I got really very busy with handsewing, fingerloop braiding and tassel making. You maybe remember the first posting with sneak peeks of my gaming pouch: Sneak peek – hand sewing a pouch for my 14th century inspired Backgammon Game

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