Racaire is now also on Instagram… :D

2017-05_Racaire_conrads-fighting-tunic- instagram - sca - crusader kitYes, it’s true, now you can find me on Instagram too! And after taking a look at my rather new account, I just can’t believe how many pics I already posted there… *lol*

One morning I woke up and simply decided to go with the time which meant to embrace yet another app. And to my utter amazement Instagram seems to be quite amusing despite its simplicity. Or maybe it’s just so nice to handle because it is such a rather simple app…

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Update of my “Medieval embroidery techniques” page

Racaire - medieval embroidery techniquesJust a short note to let you know that I just updated my page

Medieval embroidery techniques

in order to include some more techniques and to add some further postings and links which might be helpful on your journey into the fabulous world of medieval embroidery… 😀

I hope that you’ll find my personal collection of links and postings about medieval embroidery helpful and inspiring. I wish you a lot of fun with your medieval inspired embroidery projects!

Best regards Racaire

Bad news concerning my husband and Gulf Wars but also some good news…

2014-07_Barcelona_Racaire-2As we all know, life is not really predictable and can change completely due to what happens in just a short moment. And well, my husbands massive heart attack last week was such a moment.

I can’t express how glad I am that my sweetheart survived his massive heart attack with nearly no damage but I think it will take some time until I processed what happened completely.

However, this moment has several impacts on our immediate as well as our our future plans. For his health and safety we decided to call off our Gulf Wars plans and especially the planned 12th century wedding. Though we both greatly regret that we aren’t able to attend this years Gulf Wars and see our friends and family, we haven’t given up on the 12th century wedding yet. It will just not happen at this Gulf Wars.

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My photos – Midrealm Christmas Tournament :)

I know, I’ve been rather silent recently but unfortunately a mean head cold was holding my brain captive during the last days. But finally I am feeling much better and find myself in a condition that I can think clearly enough to start posting again. 🙂

My photos - SCA - Midrealm Christmas TournamentRecently many interesting things have happened in my life and I am determined to do my best to post about all of them.

I visited a nice Christmas Tournament in the mighty SCA Kingdom of Midrealm, started working at my very first male 13th century tunic for my sweetheart as well as a secret nailbinding project (aka christmas present) for a friend…. But let’s start with the pictures from the Christmas Tournament in the beautiful Kingdom of Midrealm. 🙂

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Posting #200 since I restarted my blog… Some thoughts about the past, the presence and future…

Racaire Meridian Grand TournamentWhen I recently took a look at the stats of my blog, I nearly couldn’t believe it. I was just some postings away from another lovely round number of postings. And with today’s posting I finally get to complete my round number. Can you believe it?  With this posting I posted 200 postings since I “restarted” my blog at Valentine’s day this year.

Well, blogging for already more than 10 years and after far more than 200 postings, it shouldn’t have been difficult for me to write another one. But somehow this round number caused me to take a short break and to examine the past, the presence and the future.

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Update – 9th blog birthday gift – embroidered 14th century pouch…

Update - 9th blog birthday gift – embroidered 14th century pouch...

Btw. do you remember the postings about the small embroidered 14th century pouch?

…the small pouch I made for my 9th blog-birthday raffle which was inspired by an extant 14th century French pouch…

Well, I am very glad to say that the pouch arrived save in the hands of its new owner – Jennifer in Dallas, Texas.

…and she likes it! *happydance* I was so excited that I nearly forgot to tell you. 😀

All my projects are more then just projects therefore I tend to call them my “babies”. Every time I send one of my “babies” per mail on its way, the uncertainty if the package arrives or not is the most painful part of the waiting process. Therefore many thanks to Jennifer for letting me know immediately.

I still hope that the nailbinded 12th century cap which I sent to my sister Bella didn’t get lost – it’s overdue for a rather long time now… *sigh* Please keep your fingers crossed that it will arrive soon. 🙂

Best regards Racaire

The 9th blog birthday gift – the embroidered 14th century pouch – goes to…

…and now to Racaire’s Embroidery & Needlework 9th blog birthday raffle…

The 9th blog birthday gift - the embroidered 14th century pouch - goes to...

I shook the box with the lots well…

The 9th blog birthday gift - the embroidered 14th century pouch - goes to...

…and picked one without looking…

The 9th blog birthday gift - the embroidered 14th century pouch - goes to...

…and here is the name I picked – Heartily congratulations Jennifer!!! 😀

The 9th blog birthday gift - the embroidered 14th century pouch - goes to... Jennifer

I am soooooo excited! I am sure that Jennifer will give the pouch (and the embroidery scissors) a good new home.
…and now I am off to write her an eMail to tell her that she won the pouch… 😀

Best regards Racaire

PS.: You can find the other postings with progress pictures of the pouch in my Category: 14th century Pouch for 9th Blog-Birthday.