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Bad news concerning my husband and Gulf Wars but also some good news…

2014-07_Barcelona_Racaire-2As we all know, life is not really predictable and can change completely due to what happens in just a short moment. And well, my husbands massive heart attack last week was such a moment.

I can’t express how glad I am that my sweetheart survived his massive heart attack with nearly no damage but I think it will take some time until I processed what happened completely.

However, this moment has several impacts on our immediate as well as our our future plans. For his health and safety we decided to call off our Gulf Wars plans and especially the planned 12th century wedding. Though we both greatly regret that we aren’t able to attend this years Gulf Wars and see our friends and family, we haven’t given up on the 12th century wedding yet. It will just not happen at this Gulf Wars.

So yeah, the bad news is that my sweetheart had a massive heart attack and that we can’t attend Gulf Wars. But you know me, I always try to make the best out of what I have and retain my rather positive attitude. Though he has to be very careful concerning taking his medicine, how much he lifts and what he eats – he is still alive and that’s all what really counts at the moment.

And well, postponing our 12th century wedding to a later date also gives me much more time to work at our 12th century wedding clothing. Now I can stop working like crazy, take more time for my projects and its embellishments again and maybe even finish some of my U.F.O.s. (UnFinished Objects)

Yes, I am still trying to catch my breath again and to process what happened. However, there is nothing better than working at some embroidery or some hand sewing to calm down and sort one thoughts. I think you all can imagine how great and relieving it felt to work at some embroidery again after all this very dramatic, disturbing and frightening days.

Please take care of yourself and hug your loved ones. And I promise to do my best to keep my fingers busy, post about my projects and to recover from last week.

And now some more stitches and I might be able to show you some Klosterstich embroidery tomorrow on which I already worked for some time. The birthday of my blog is coming up soon and I want to make a nice gift which I can raffle off between the members of my blog…

Best regards Racaire