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Working at an embroidered 14th century pouch for the 9th blog-birthday raffle… :D


Wow!!! The 9th birthday of my blog is coming up soon!
I am so excited! …and I I already started working at an embroidered 14th century pouch for the very first “birthday raffle”… *happydance*

I thought I have still more than a month till the 9th birthday of my blog. Then I checked the date and realized that I have less then 3 weeks left… omg… *panic-mode-on*… 😉

Why I panic? Because I wanted to make the next birthday – the 9th birthday of my blog – a very special one by celebrating it with a gift and a raffle for my blog members. Well, I have to admit that I haven’t finished the gift yet but I already started working at it yesterday. 😀

What kind of gift I am making for the raffle? Well, do you remember the posting about the “test” samples I made for my 14th century pouch commission? Oh yes, they are so cute that I decided to finish one of them and to turn it into a cute small embroidered 14th century pouch… 

You remember the following picture of the “test” sample with the green background and the flower at the bottom?


…I already made some nice progress as you can see at the next picture:


Hmmmmm…. what do you think of white for the body or would you prefer yellow? *grin*

Best regards Racaire