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12th century dress for the “12th century wedding clothing project” – sneak peek .2

2015-03 - Racaire - 12th century dress - sneak peek - 12th century wedding dress - hand sewnYesterday, after pinning my long sleeves to my 12th century dress, I really had to be patient. My sweetheart was still at work and the amount of needles I used to pin the sleeves to my 12th century dress was quite intimidating – even for me.

Well, sure, it would have been possible to put on the dress just by myself and I have done it before. But when I looked at all the needles, I decided that it was definitely much easier and much more painless to put on the dress with the help of my husband.

It was just another fitting to see if the sleeves had the right length but I admit it, I was quite excited when my sweetheart helped me into my 12th century dress. Even after all this years – all the 12th century dresses and other projects I have sewn till now – every new project feels somehow special.

Due to the help of my sweetheart, putting the dress on and getting out of it again was rather easy and painless. And he even reminded me to take some pictures for you during the fitting – enjoy! 😀


Unfortunately the combination of artificial light and the dark blue silk of the dress don’t really make it possible to show you the details of the dress but I hope that this photos give you at least a good idea of the dress I am working at.


As soon as my sweetheart is home during the day and the weather outside allows it, I will try to get some pictures of me wearing the dress in sunlight. But due to the weather forecast another winter storm will hit Kentucky tomorrow – well, we will see…

After the fitting I took the time and already attached the sleeves permanently to my 12th century dress. Just some more hand sewing and the dress is pin free again – but just for a short time. I will need many needles to pin the yellow silk to the neckline to create a nice keyhole neckline for my 12th century dress. Stay tuned!

Best regards Racaire