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Update – 9th blog birthday gift – embroidered 14th century pouch…

Update - 9th blog birthday gift – embroidered 14th century pouch...

Btw. do you remember the postings about the small embroidered 14th century pouch?

…the small pouch I made for my 9th blog-birthday raffle which was inspired by an extant 14th century French pouch…

Well, I am very glad to say that the pouch arrived save in the hands of its new owner – Jennifer in Dallas, Texas.

…and she likes it! *happydance* I was so excited that I nearly forgot to tell you. 😀

All my projects are more then just projects therefore I tend to call them my “babies”. Every time I send one of my “babies” per mail on its way, the uncertainty if the package arrives or not is the most painful part of the waiting process. Therefore many thanks to Jennifer for letting me know immediately.

I still hope that the nailbinded 12th century cap which I sent to my sister Bella didn’t get lost – it’s overdue for a rather long time now… *sigh* Please keep your fingers crossed that it will arrive soon. 🙂

Best regards Racaire