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Racaire is now also on Instagram… :D

2017-05_Racaire_conrads-fighting-tunic- instagram - sca - crusader kitYes, it’s true, now you can find me on Instagram too! And after taking a look at my rather new account, I just can’t believe how many pics I already posted there… *lol*

One morning I woke up and simply decided to go with the time which meant to embrace yet another app. And to my utter amazement Instagram seems to be quite amusing despite its simplicity. Or maybe it’s just so nice to handle because it is such a rather simple app…

However, since I started my Instagram account, I kinda got a little bit hooked and just can’t stop posting pictures – it’s so easy! …and surprisingly enough, my mobile phone seems to take much better pictures using the Instagram app than on its own. Yeah, it’s crazy I know…

And apropos pictures – you can find some sneak peek pictures of my most recent project for crown tournament on Instagram:

2017-05_Racaire_conrads-fighting-tunic- instagram

Though I was hoping to find some time to post about the OvO pouch with medieval inspired arabic embroidery for my mother-in-law this week, I just couldn’t make it happen yet. As it turned out, crown tournament in Tennessee was fast approaching and I kinda promised my husband to make him a sideless fighting surcote / tunic for his crusader kit. Which would have been fine if I hadn’t totally neglected that crown tournament is already this weekend! Yay! Seems like I just waited too long to start with his project… *lol*

Therefore I spent this week working like crazy at his sideless fighting surcote / tunic for his “Ordos Lazarus Meridies” kit. And today I finally managed to finish it!

2017-05_Racaire_conrads-fighting-tunic_1- instagram

And after I finished his sideless fighting surcote / tunic this afternoon, I had the feeling like I could do more… That I could do something like a pilgrims bag… And that I could print it… And then I just asked myself if I can do it and how long it would take me. Well, the answer to this question is easy: Yes, I can make a printed pilgrims bag in about 1hour 15minutes. Unnecessary to mention that my husband was quite happy about this surprise:

2017-05_Racaire_conrads-fighting-tunic-2- instagram

…and he immediately put his “leper mask”, on which he was working all by himself, into his new pilgrims bag so it would stay safe! I can’t tell you how proud I am of him as he normally doesn’t craft a lot. But he came up with the idea for the mask all by himself and while I was working on his sideless fighting surcote / tunic, he took on the embellishment of his mask.

Now you might ask why we chose the order of saint Lazarus but well, this will be part of another posting… Stay tuned my friends! 😀

Best regards Racaire

PS.: I wonder how many of you might be interested in the pilgrim bag pattern I came up with for this bag… 🙂