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My photos – Midrealm Christmas Tournament :)

I know, I’ve been rather silent recently but unfortunately a mean head cold was holding my brain captive during the last days. But finally I am feeling much better and find myself in a condition that I can think clearly enough to start posting again. 🙂

My photos - SCA - Midrealm Christmas TournamentRecently many interesting things have happened in my life and I am determined to do my best to post about all of them.

I visited a nice Christmas Tournament in the mighty SCA Kingdom of Midrealm, started working at my very first male 13th century tunic for my sweetheart as well as a secret nailbinding project (aka christmas present) for a friend…. But let’s start with the pictures from the Christmas Tournament in the beautiful Kingdom of Midrealm. 🙂

As you can tell from the picture above, I had a lot of fun at the Christmas Tournament. Especially when I encountered that a lady, whose blog I am following for quite some time now, was also present at the event. This lady was Edyth Miller from the blog “The Compleatly Dressed Anachronist“. Therefore you can actually say that we had a small and unexpected bloggers meeting at the event. And yeah, we couldn’t resist to talk a lot about sewing and embroidery! *giggle*

And well, there was also a lot of fighting going on:

My photos – SCA - Midrealm Christmas Tournament :)

Needless to say that after my sweetheart saw this helmet with the wings, he started thinking about attaching some wings on his own helmet too… *lol*

Talking about my sweetheart, he was also participating in this tournament. Unfortunately he didn’t survive the first round of the tournament but he still had a lot of fun:

My photos – SCA - Midrealm Christmas Tournament :)

Btw. the fighter on the right side is my husband. 🙂

If you would like to see all pictures which I’ve taken at the Christmas Tournament in Midrealm, you can find them here on facebook:

SCA – Kingdom of Midrealm – Christmas Tournament – Dec. 2014

And I also recorded some of the fights – you can find them here on youtube:

SCA – Christmas Tournament 2014 Midrealm

…and last but not least, here is a small collection of my most favorite photos taken at the event – enjoy! 😀

Christmas Tournament - Kingdom Midrealm - SCA

They are so cute, aren’t they! Well, this couple is always a great source for beautiful photos and I just adore their beautiful 14th century clothing. 🙂

Christmas Tournament - Kingdom Midrealm - SCA

And well, this lady has a beautiful smile which I just couldn’t resist to capture. Btw. do you see the small beads along the border of her veil? This is an easy but also very effective way to embellish the border of your own veil! …just sayin’! 😉

I hope you enjoyed my photos taken at the recent Christmas Tournament in the beautiful SCA Kingdom of Midrealm. To keep up with my embroidery projects and promised tutorials, I just started working at a Klosterstich hands-on tutorial posting. I hope to be able to post this tutorial in the next days as well as an update about my progress concerning the 13th century tunic for my sweetheart. 😀

Best regards Racaire