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…and I am back again…

When I decided to take my break last year, I really didn’t anticipate that it would be such a long one. To call the last months interesting, would be definitely an understatement. We moved from Kentucky to Florida, I started my very own little business, we found our very own home and moved again and my website went through quite a change, as you can see.

The move from Kentucky to Florida was probably the most demanding part. Like with every move we had to decide which pieces were really worth taking and what to leave behind. Therefore we decided to donate a lot of things as a moving truck only can hold so much. I think moving is like a purification. One has to reevaluate the value of material possessions and as one changes over time, the connections to once valuable items can change too. Well, unless it’s about crafting stuff or books… One can never have too many books or crafting stuff…

However, I am very happy to say that our cats made it quite well through both moves. We even added one more to our little family. My big boy Alice and our old lady Fluffy took all changes with great calmness and settled in pretty fast each time. This was a great relief for us as the wellbeing of our beloved kitties is quite important to us. Apropos wellbeing – Alice started to get a little lazy and to add weight so we made the decision to add another feline family member to get him moving again.

This decision was kinda taken out of our hands when we found a cat with her kittens underneath our house. We nearly immediately fell in love with one of this kittens and named her Penny. We all love her dearly but from time to time… – well, we can’t wait for her to calm down a little… *lol*

And the biggest change of all – I started my own little business: Racaire’s Workshop!
Doing what I love full-time now!

When I cut my very first stamp for block printing, I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on my future. And all just because I didn’t want to paint another Legion of the Bear sign for my husband. *lol*
The magic of the linoleum cut and block printing got a hold of me in this moment and hasn’t left me since. There is nothing more enjoyable for me than to see a pattern developing through my own hands. Regardless if it is by cutting the linoleum or by stamping the fabric.

It is beautiful when everything one imagines finally develops in front of you and comes together as planned. I definitely love it when a plan comes together. And even more important than this power of creation is the joy I see when someone finds their perfect bag, coif or garment. This very special moment when they fall in love with something I made. To be able to be witness of one of this moments bears its own very special magic.

…and there are also finally some good news for all of you who followed my husbands and mine immigration and green card odyssey. I finally got my 10 year green card this summer! I can’t tell you how happy that little card which arrived by mail made us after all we had to endure to get to this point. And yes, we are still together. We are probably even more in love than we had been at the very first day. At least it feels that way for me. I think all the troubles and setbacks like having to refile again due to a letter which got lost on the way to us and my husbands heart attack shortly after we got married just made our relationship so much stronger.

Sometimes I get asked what I recommend when it comes to loving someone from another country and thinking about going through the fiancee visa process. I can just say: Please don’t do it unless you think your relationship and love is strong enough to get through this process unharmed. And if you are sure your love can survive it, you better start saving up now as it costs a ridiculous amount of money! *lol*

Last but not least I would like to thank the guys from Austrogate who did a fantastic job by reworking and updating my website! They even set up a webshop for me! I am tremendously excited about their work and recommend their services highly! 

Apropos webshop – I finally figured out my webshop and added the very first product for sale! I am very excited! I’ll try to fill it as soon as possible!