More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5.2 – some gold thread embellishment for the border of the rose leaf :)

2016-12 - Racaire - Talinas 14th century hood - roses - leaves - rose leaf - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCA - gold thread

Woohoo! I am working on a super secret project at the moment! 😀

…and though I can’t really share any information or progress pictures concerning the new project until it’s finished and the recipient got it, you really don’t need to worry that I might take a break from posting until the project is finished. On the contrary! I took so many pictures of my recent embroidery and sewing projects that I can keep you quite busy until I can finally reveal my new, super secret project. 🙂

Which brings me right to the topic of todays posting. In my last two postings I showed you my two work steps concerning the silk shading embroidery for the rose leaves for my friends 14th century hood (rose leaf silk shading step 1 & rose leaf silk shading step 2).

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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5.1 – the rose leaf embroidery or my first “silk shading” :)

hand embroidery - sca - 14th century hood - silk shading - silk embroideryIn my last posting “More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .5 – the rose leaf embroidery or my first “silk shading” 🙂” I showed you how I established the foundation for the silk shading technique by creating an initial layer along the outer border of one of my rose leaves.

And today we are going to take a look at the second step concerning the rose leaf and the above mentioned silk shading technique.

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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .3 – my surface couching embroidery for the center of the roses…

2016-07 - Racaire - 14th century hood - roses - rose - surface couching hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCA - surface couchingIt took some time but today I finally have my third part of my rose embroidery tutorial ready for you. Todays posting will show you how I used Surface Couching to embroider the central section of the roses for my friends 14th century hood. 😀

But before we get to the embroidery tutorial, I would like to write a little about the last days and weeks as they were quite a journey for me. As some of you might recall from my recent postings, I was taking one test after another to qualify for my GED diploma. And though all these tests drained me mentally, I am excited to tell that all the hard work and concentration finally worked out. I managed to pass all my tests with a good or excellent score and should receive my GED diploma per mail within the next two weeks.
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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .2 – starting the surface couching

2016-08 - Racaire - 14th century hood - rose - roses - surface couching - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - rose embroidery - SCA - surface couchingWow! What a week! During the last days I was struggling with fighting off a head cold as well as finally facing my driving test.

As easy as embroidery and some other things might come to me, I really struggle a lot when it comes to taking any kind of tests. And the driving test, which took place yesterday, was definitely no difference. I was a complete wreck before, during and after the test and not even my dear husband was able to calm me down…

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More about the rose embroidery for my friends hood .1 – the preparatory work

2016-08 - Racaire - 14th century hood - rose - roses - surface couching - hand embroidery - medieval embroidery - rose embroidery - SCAAnd finally a posting about what might interest you the most:
A step-by-step tutorial of how I created the rose embroidery for my friends 14th century hood.

Though the rose embroidery for my friends 14th century hood might appear quite simple at first sight, it is definitely much more complex than it looks like. Well, there is quite some work involved to make it appear so simple, proper and effortless.

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12th century belt for my 12th century wedding dress – pearl embroidery .1

2015-12 - Racaire - 12th century belt - pearl embroidery

And today let’s talk about one of my other favorite topics besides Klosterstich and surface couching – pearl embroidery! 😀

Well, pearls per se were and still are something very special. Their availability is quite limited and their price is rather high due to the natural production process.

Besides the beautiful appearance and shine pearls possess naturally, their rather restricted availability as well as their quite high monetary value might have added to their great appeal in the medieval age. I think that the usage of pearls for jewelry or pearl embroidery used to reflected the wealth of the person who could actually afford to use them in either high quality (large, round and with a perfect surface appearance) and/or in a very high quantity.

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12th century tunic pattern for my husband

My husbands christmas gift - based on a 12th century tunic pattern - a grey light-wool 12th century tunic – sleevesAfter several days of drawing and re-drawing, I am finally able to present to you a new addition to my pattern collection – the (late) 12th century tunic pattern which I have been using so successfully for my husbands tunic projects till now:

Well, I admit it, my 12th century tunic pattern is actually based on a tunic found in a royal grave from the early 13th century. Though it can’t be said for sure, my personal opinion is that this pattern can also be counted towards the late 12th century. Due to my love for the 12th century, I decided to count this tunic pattern towards to the late 12th century rather than the early 13th century.
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White 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation – embroidery .3 – how I created the embroidered knight belt patches .1

2015.08 - Racaire - Sams 14th century XL elevation hood - 14th century hood - embroidered knight belts - appliqué embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCAI hope you enjoyed yesterdays short calligraphy sidestep as I am now moving on to the next step of the embroidery for the 14th century XL hood project for my friends Pelican elevation at the Meridian Grand Tournament:

How I created the
embroidered knight belt patches

Though the embroidered knight belts might look rather simple, as you can see them at the picture on the left, they still demanded a lot of thought, time and stitches. But well, you know, I like challenges and this combined Order of the Chivalry and Pelican patches were definitely a very interesting personal challenge for me as I normally rarely do appliqué embroidery.
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Medieval embroidery techniques – my new Surface Couching technique handout

Web_Surface-Couching_1_thumbnailDo you remember the sneak peek at my new technical tutorial for Surface Couching? Well, then I have some great news for you – the waiting time has paid off and my new Surface Couching technique handout is finally finished! 😀

It took a while to find some good pictures of extant examples of the basic Surface Couching embroidery technique which I cover in this handout. And it took even more time to put the whole handout together but it was totally worth it! I am mighty proud of my new handout.

And as there are several different variations of Surface Couching, you maybe might even look forward to more handouts about this technique in the future. Well, you know, sometimes it’s all about the details. 😉

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Medieval embroidery techniques – sneak peek at my new technical tutorial for Surface Couching :)

2014-07_Barcelona_Racaire-2I have great news for all of you who enjoy my technical tutorials of medieval embroidery techniques!

It took several days to work out the very detailed technical drawing for my new medieval technique tutorial about Surface Couching but I finally managed to finish it. 😀

Though the Surface Couching technique tutorial isn’t finished by now, I just couldn’t resist to show you a glimpse at the technical drawing I worked out for you.

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