White 14th century XL hood for a friends Pelican elevation – embroidery .3 – how I created the embroidered knight belt patches .1

2015.08 - Racaire - Sams 14th century XL elevation hood - 14th century hood - embroidered knight belts - appliqué embroidery - medieval embroidery - SCAI hope you enjoyed yesterdays short calligraphy sidestep as I am now moving on to the next step of the embroidery for the 14th century XL hood project for my friends Pelican elevation at the Meridian Grand Tournament:

How I created the
embroidered knight belt patches

Though the embroidered knight belts might look rather simple, as you can see them at the picture on the left, they still demanded a lot of thought, time and stitches. But well, you know, I like challenges and this combined Order of the Chivalry and Pelican patches were definitely a very interesting personal challenge for me as I normally rarely do appliqué embroidery.
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Medieval embroidery techniques – my new Surface Couching technique handout

Web_Surface-Couching_1_thumbnailDo you remember the sneak peek at my new technical tutorial for Surface Couching? Well, then I have some great news for you – the waiting time has paid off and my new Surface Couching technique handout is finally finished! 😀

It took a while to find some good pictures of extant examples of the basic Surface Couching embroidery technique which I cover in this handout. And it took even more time to put the whole handout together but it was totally worth it! I am mighty proud of my new handout.

And as there are several different variations of Surface Couching, you maybe might even look forward to more handouts about this technique in the future. Well, you know, sometimes it’s all about the details. 😉

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Medieval embroidery techniques – sneak peek at my new technical tutorial for Surface Couching :)

2014-07_Barcelona_Racaire-2I have great news for all of you who enjoy my technical tutorials of medieval embroidery techniques!

It took several days to work out the very detailed technical drawing for my new medieval technique tutorial about Surface Couching but I finally managed to finish it. 😀

Though the Surface Couching technique tutorial isn’t finished by now, I just couldn’t resist to show you a glimpse at the technical drawing I worked out for you.

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Klosterstich technique handout – revisited :D

Klosterstich technique handout - revisited - medieval embroidery - medieval hand embroidery techniqueAs some of you might already know, the German Klosterstich technique is one of my most favorite medieval embroidery techniques. And today I proudly present my revised Klosterstich technique handout to you. 😀

I am very happy to say that this is just the beginning of a nice series of posting about the Klosterstich technique. Although I already posted about my very first 14th century “Fleur-de-Lis” embroidery pattern for Klosterstich some time ago, I assure you that the journey just begins.

This technique handout shows you the basics of the Klosterstich technique and is just another step on our way into the beautiful and amazing world of medieval embroidery.
I really hope that you will enjoy this technique as much as I do soon, even if it might need some further help and instructions. Please don’t give up – the technique just looks difficult but it really isn’t difficult at all. 😀

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