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Medieval embroidery techniques – sneak peek at my new technical tutorial for Surface Couching :)

2014-07_Barcelona_Racaire-2I have great news for all of you who enjoy my technical tutorials of medieval embroidery techniques!

It took several days to work out the very detailed technical drawing for my new medieval technique tutorial about Surface Couching but I finally managed to finish it. 😀

Though the Surface Couching technique tutorial isn’t finished by now, I just couldn’t resist to show you a glimpse at the technical drawing I worked out for you.

Well, I still need a little bit more time to scan my technical drawing and to also dig through my rather big personal photo collection of embroidery on display in museums in Europe as well as some of my books to find some nice medieval examples for you. Indeed, it takes quite some time to put together a nice tutorial but well, you know, good things take time. 😉

And now let’s take a look at the new technical drawing at which I was working during the last days – enjoy! 😀 [emember_protected not_for=3-4 do_not_show_restricted_msg=1]

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As you can see on the picture above, I tried my best to give you a good idea of the Surface Couching technique by showing it from several different angles.

I also worked out the lines of the threads on the underside – which are normally hidden – to show you what happens there. Furthermore I used different colors to highlight the involved parts/threads. The used colors should make it easier to read the technical drawing and to identify the different parts – especially for all of you who are not familiar with technical drawings like this. 

I hope you enjoyed this preview at my next technical tutorial for Surface Couching. Now I just ask for just a little bit more patience and in a few days you will be rewarded with the whole tutorial as well as this technical drawing in detail – I promise!

Woohooo! Endspurt! Just a little bit more work and the tutorial will be finished! I really can’t wait to upload it to my blog and to add it to my other tutorial about Klosterstich on my medieval embroidery techniques page. 😀

Best regards Racaire

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Have fun! 😀