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Sneak peek at my next embroidery project – a 14th century inspired pattern worked in surface couching .7

2015-07 - Racaire - 14th century - surface couching embroidery - medieval embroidery - hand embroidery

In my last posting I already showed you a sneak peek at my technical drawing for my next surface couching tutorial.

But this was not the only project I was working on during the last days. All of my so-called “free time” was actually filled with drawing as well as a lot of hand-sewing and surface couching embroidery.

Besides the technical drawing for my surface couching tutorial, I also found time to make very good progress concerning two other current projects. I did a lot of hand-sewing for the white XL 14th century hood for my friends elevation and even managed to add more surface couching embroidery to the first and main part of my 14th century inspired pattern.

Finally all the hard work seems to pay off! I am very glad to say that the hand-sewing as well as the first and main part of the surface couching embroidery are nearly finished by now. Endspurt! *happydance*

And here a picture of my most recent progress concerning the 14th century pattern worked in surface couching embroidery – enjoy! 😀

2015-07_Racaire_14th- century_surface-couching-project_sneak-peek_05-1

…and I also took a picture of the same embroidery from a slightly different angle for you:

2015-07_Racaire_14th- century_surface-couching-project_sneak-peek_05-2

Yes, it only takes a little bit more surface couching embroidery to finish this part of my 14th century pattern. And as soon as the main framework is completed, I will work out the corresponding 14th century filling patterns for you. 🙂

Best regards Racaire