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Medieval embroidery techniques – my new Surface Couching technique handout

Web_Surface-Couching_1_thumbnailDo you remember the sneak peek at my new technical tutorial for Surface Couching? Well, then I have some great news for you – the waiting time has paid off and my new Surface Couching technique handout is finally finished! 😀

It took a while to find some good pictures of extant examples of the basic Surface Couching embroidery technique which I cover in this handout. And it took even more time to put the whole handout together but it was totally worth it! I am mighty proud of my new handout.

And as there are several different variations of Surface Couching, you maybe might even look forward to more handouts about this technique in the future. Well, you know, sometimes it’s all about the details. 😉

It was a great feeling to add a new handout to my personal medieval embroidery handouts collection and the new Surface Couching handout is a great addition to my revised Klosterstich handout. It also reminds me that I still have a revised technique handout for the “Bayeux Stitch” up my sleeve which I haven’t uploaded yet… *lol*

But don’t worry – I will upload the “Bayeux Stitch” handout as soon as I manage to finish some of my current embroidery projects and find some time for a new “Bayeux Stitch” project. I already have the fabric and the idea – I just don’t have the time at the moment due to some other projects.

…and now you might ask where you can find my new Surface Couching technique handout. The secure download link for the handout can be found at my page:

< Craft with Racaire – Medieval Embroidery Technique Handouts >

Enjoy! 😀
Best regards Racaire