A new nailbinded cap finished – nailbinding / needle-binding / Nadelbinden / Schlingentechnik is a lot of fun :D

And here a look at my most recent nailbinding project which I just finished – a new nailbinded cap:


I met the nice farmer from the Peacefield farm at the local Beech Bend Market about one week ago. He liked my nailbinded snood and cap so much that he asked me to make a nailbinded cap for him and gave me some of his lovely wool.

And here we are – a new nailbinded cap is finished. This nailbinded cap will be delivered to him at the next Beech Bend Market this weekend. I hope that it will fit him well and that he likes it. 🙂

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Revisited – 12th century nailbinded cap in purple with tassel

Revisited - 12th century nailbinded cap in purple with tassel :DI recently got to know that the purple 12th century nailbinded cap which I made in december 2013 finally arrived safe in the hands of my beautiful sister Bella in the states.

Actually it was meant to be a christmas present. But due to all the mundane stress I had during the turn of the year, I unfortunately forgot to send it till spring. …and then – *panic* – it seemed that the cap got lost in the mail….

Racaire_Nailbinding_12th-century-cap_1I was really frightened that the cap might got lost in the mail until I got the releasing message from my sister. Therefore I decided to celebrate the arrival and to revisit my posting about this project for you.

…and well, this is also a small kick into my own butt to finish my pink 12th century cap which is already waiting for its last finishing work and tassel for some months now… *lol*

…and now to the revisited and updated posting about my first 12th century nailbinding project:

Bellas new 12th century nailbinded cap
in purple with tassel 😀

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