…some nailbinding again – my finished nailbinded and embroidered hat :D

2018-03-23 - Racaire - my favorite nailbinded and embroidered hat - SCA - nailbinding - hand embroidery - old craft - old technique - A&S - SCA arts and scienceMy nailbinded and embroidered hat is finally finished! *happydance* And you can tell that it is my absolute favorite as I am wearing my new nailbinded and embroidered hat nearly every day for several hours. 😀

And before you ask – no, my sweetheart doesn’t object to it as he knows that I am always at least a little bit cold. Everyone who has met me during cold weather can tell that staying warm is definitely one of the main objectives of my life. But that’s not only because the cold makes me feel uncomfortable. No, it’s far more than that. Being cold is normally followed by being ill and I really don’t enjoy being ill. Therefore I rather stay warm and cosy and healthy! 🙂 Continue reading

…some nailbinding again… .1

2018-02-13_Racaire_nailbinding_blue-grey-hood…and here is some more progress concerning my most recent nailbinding project – a nailbinded grey and blue hood. 🙂

I didn’t have much time to work on my projects recently but I still try to achieve a little bit of progress every day. Nevertheless, I think that I won’t be able to finish the hood before the winter is over but I don’t mind as there is always another winter to come. 😉

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…and, for a change, some nailbinding again and some personal news…

2018-02 - Racaire - nailbinding - medieval handicrafts - medieval techniques - mittelalterliche HandarbeitstechnikenYes, you see right, I’ve done some nailbinding again… 🙂 

It is really nice to finally find a moment of peace which allows me to catch my breath. I feel like I just got off a roller coaster. The last year finished with quite a surprise and it was unfortunatelly not the kind one would normally appreciate.

After some initial struggles to find a doctor who would see me on short notice around christmas, I finally received the information that I had to undergo a small surgery. And though the thought scared me quite a bit, I was at the same time also very thankful that my doctor could fit me into his quite busy schedule just two days later… Continue reading

Crazy nailbinding ideas – a nailbinded cover for my gear shifter… :)

2016-12 - Racaire - Nailbinding - nailbinded cap for gear shifter - car - crazy nailbinding ideasWooohooo! It seems like my level of crazy just hit a new level! Believe it or not – I made a nailbinded cover for the gear shifter of my car! And I love it! *lol*

Why? Well, it seemed so much easier than every other option. …and how come? Well, let’s see…

As some of you might know, I really enjoy living in a quite rural neighborhood here in Kentucky. All the trees, grass and the fresh air make quite a huge difference after living in a big city like Vienna for nearly my whole life…

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My secret last-minute nailbinding hood commission – finished & delivered :)

After some very busy but beautiful christmas days with my sweetheart, his family and our dear friends, I finally found some time and peace to sit down today and tell you more about the secret nailbinding present commission I recently started. 😀

2014-12 Racaire nailbinded hood - christmas present - nailbindingNow, some days after christmas, I think I can finally post some more details about this secret last-minute nailbinding christmas gift commission I was working at without spoiling the surprise. I am very glad to say that due to some very busy evenings and many working hours I was able to finish the nailbinding  in time and to deliver it to its recipient shortly before christmas.

By the way – speaking of christmas and presents – I hope you all had an awesome christmas with your dear family and friends too and that got all the gifts and things you wished for. 😀

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And more nailbinding – a nailbinded headband with embroidery

… and even more nailbinding for you today – a nailbinded and embroidered headband! 😀

2014 - Racaire - And more nailbinding - a nailbinded headband with embroidery

Before I started working at the nailbinded cap, about which I posted yesterday, I finished this nailbinded headband with embroidery which you can see at the picture above.
A headband like this is a great finger exercise. 🙂

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A new nailbinded cap finished – nailbinding / needle-binding / Nadelbinden / Schlingentechnik is a lot of fun :D

And here a look at my most recent nailbinding project which I just finished – a new nailbinded cap:


I met the nice farmer from the Peacefield farm at the local Beech Bend Market about one week ago. He liked my nailbinded snood and cap so much that he asked me to make a nailbinded cap for him and gave me some of his lovely wool.

And here we are – a new nailbinded cap is finished. This nailbinded cap will be delivered to him at the next Beech Bend Market this weekend. I hope that it will fit him well and that he likes it. 🙂

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Sneak peek at upcoming crafting projects – 14th century hood with daggings, nailbinded cap & 16th century belt pouch

I just got together some of the materials for my next crafting projects and thought you would enjoy a sneak peek at them:

Sneak peek at upcoming crafting projects - 14th century hood with daggings, nailbinded cap & 16th century belt pouch

Yes, besides the 12th century clothing project for my dear sweetheart, for our 12th century wedding at the great Gulf Wars event next year in Mississippi, I am also having joy with planning some more or less “small” side projects.
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Modern Nailbinding / Nadelbinden – a new project and old projects revisited :)

On my birthday I decided to have some fun and to do something I haven’t done for quite a long time. Therefore I took one of my nailbinding needles and had some fun with turning some wool into a new cap… 🙂

Racaire - modern Nailbinding - Nadelbinden

I always find it very relaxing when I am working at a nailbinding project. Some of you might not be familiar with this great technique by now but nailbinding is an ancient technique which is much older than crotchet or knitting. It is an interesting technique that is worth at least a try. Well, however, that this is an old technique doesn’t mean that we can’t give it a modern touch. 🙂

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