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My secret last-minute nailbinding hood commission – finished & delivered :)

After some very busy but beautiful christmas days with my sweetheart, his family and our dear friends, I finally found some time and peace to sit down today and tell you more about the secret nailbinding present commission I recently started. 😀

2014-12 Racaire nailbinded hood - christmas present - nailbindingNow, some days after christmas, I think I can finally post some more details about this secret last-minute nailbinding christmas gift commission I was working at without spoiling the surprise. I am very glad to say that due to some very busy evenings and many working hours I was able to finish the nailbinding  in time and to deliver it to its recipient shortly before christmas.

By the way – speaking of christmas and presents – I hope you all had an awesome christmas with your dear family and friends too and that got all the gifts and things you wished for. 😀

And now more information about the secret last-minute nailbinding christmas gift commission I was working at. Maybe some of you remember the nailbinded cap I recently made for the nice farmer from the Peacefield farm which I met at the local Beech Bend Market. He liked my nailbinded cap so much that he asked me to do another one for his lovely wife. Though there was just one week left to start and finish this project, I really couldn’t resist and took on the nailbinding commission.

…and to be able to finish and deliver this nailbinding commission, I worked like crazy at the nailbinding. Thankfully all the hard work finally payed off. I finished the hood quasi at the very last moment – at midnight on Friday night. And just some hours later, at the early Saturday morning, we already headed to the very last Beech Bend Market for 2014. I think you can imagine how glad and released I was to be able to deliver the hood to the nice farmer from the Peacefield farm this day. 🙂

The nice farmer from the Peacefield farm was also very happy when I delivered the nailbinded hood. And as no good deed goes unrewarded, he filled my fridge with some awesome organic chicken, other nice products from his farm and I even got some more lovely raw wool for my very first spinning project. I can’t wait to transform all his yummy gifts into delicious dinners for my sweetheart and me. Furthermore I hope that they enjoy my work as much as I like their products. Hopefully the hood fits perfectly and she likes her new cap but I won’t get to know more before the next local Beech Bend Market. 🙂


But now back to the hood itself – as you can see on the picture above, I made some additions to the basic cap form. Actually this are the same additions which I also made on request of the farmer from Peacefield farm to the very first nailbinded cap. Like me, he also doesn’t like his ears being exposed to the cold weather and the sometimes very icy wind. Unfortunately, when I made the alterations to the very first nailbinded cap during the  Beech Bend Market, I had no camera with me to take pictures of the altered cap version before I gave it away but this cap might give you a better idea of the altered and “improved” cap version of the nailbinded cap.

Talking about nailbinding alterations – well, I really like and enjoy nailbinding but I have to say that nailbinding is a technique which works best when it’s just worked in one direction. This makes nailbinding so perfect for tube shaped things like caps, snoods, handwarmers, socks,… Unfortunately altering the direction in nailbinding is not as easy as in knitting or crotchet – especially when you are working with several very tight loops on your thumb – but it is possible as long as you don’t expect perfect side borders.

If you would like to know more about changing directions in nailbinding and how to make this added earwarmers, please let me know. 🙂

Best regards Racaire